Stage collapses on US presidential candidate

Yahoo US

A large curtain, complete with steel rods, has come crashing down on top of a US presidential candidate during a speech in Texas.

The curtain behind a Texas stage where Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina was addressing a conference of women entrepreneurs collapsed mid-way through Fiorina’s remarks overnight.

The former Hewlett-Packard CEO was interrupted when the heavy blue curtain behind her began to waver – sending a rumbling noise through the conference room - and women in attendance began to scream.

Fiorina and two women on stage with her huddled together and shielded their heads as the curtain fell along with the metal rods that held the curtain erect. The curtain fell to the floor in the opposite direction of the stage. No one was harmed in the incident.

After the curtain fell, Fiorina returned to the podium and joked to the audience of businesswomen, "Hey, we just get it done, huh?"

Carly Fiorina distracted by the rumbling noise behind her. Photo: Supplied

She then gave a special thanks to the women who were standing with her on stage and helped to shield her head as parts of the curtain and metal rods came tumbling down. "Now I realiSe they were my guardian angels."

Someone in the audience shouted something about Donald Trump to Fiorina, to which she jokingly responded, "OK, Trump, Hillary [Clinton], it could've been lots of people."

Fiorina then continued on, wrapping her remarks and then taking questions from the women in the audience.

Morning news break – September 29