Squid's in with offbeat humour

Squidboy. Picture: Tony Virgo

Trygve WakenshawÖ
4.5 stars
PICA Performance Space


Every now and then comes a performance that reminds you of the child you once were. Perhaps it's Kiwi clown Trygve Wakenshaw's ability to scoop you up with his long, bendy limbs and catapult you into a surreal imaginary realm that causes this regression.

In any case, imaginations are positively fertilised and funny bones tickled by this man dressed in a squid costume, who conjures up anything from animals and various characters, to props and spaces out of thin air.

With spaghetti limbs and a plasticine face, Gaulier-trained Wakenshaw uses only his costume as a prop, minimal lighting and the odd musical vignette. Everything else is done using mime techniques, mouth sound effects and physical comedy in the black theatre space.

Beginning with a fisherman who dreams he is an affable squid, anything is possible in the often hilarious stream-of-consciousness comedy adventure, which traverses borders and goes far beyond real-life logic.

It's made all the more endearing by Wakenshaw's goofy bearded smile, dorky dances and offbeat humour.

It's not surprising the show was dubbed the cult hit at Edinburgh Fringe. Squidboy is a delight.