Spring Break partygoers use shark as drinking prop

Spring Break is known worldwide for its raucous beer-skolling partying but the increasing desire for social media fame has seen this year’s event cross the line.

A half-naked frat boy used the razor sharp tooth of a washed up shark to open a can of beer while his friend held its mouth open.

The man preceded to “shotgun” the beer whereby he sucks the liquid from the hole before opening the ring-pull.

The controversial stunt was one of just many disturbing videos shared on social media page ‘Total Frat Move’ during Spring Break, where thousands of college students flock to the likes of Cancun and Florida to unwind before exams.

“So not okay. Sharks deserve enough respect to not be used as a drinking prop by boys with a single digit IQ but OK pal,” Allison Sarna said in response to the footage.

Shared by 'Total Frat Move', the Spring Break partygoer has faced monumental backlash over his shotgun stunt. Source: Instagram

“I’m just really happy this moron is going to get a wicked bacterial infection,” another added.

“Shout out to the fact that it's organs are currently crushing inside of its body so these douche bags can take a failed attempt at looking cool for 3 seconds,” Erin Japser wrote.

The “classless” act was far from isolated either, with one man jumping into a shark infested pool while another pulled a starfish from the ocean floor to use it as a beer luge.

Another man jumped in shark infested waters. Source: Instagram
'The starfish luge' was another stunt that did not sit well with anyone who doesn't hate animals. Source: Instagram

"This is just cruel," one person wrote.

"No respect for the animals you chubby b*****d."

Not everyone was so damning of his makeshift drinking prop, with one man praising his peer for his creativity.

"Now the starfish has a nice little buzz on too, very thoughtful."