Spotify reportedly developing AI-generated voices that mimic podcast hosts for ads

Spotify could introduce AI-generated ads (Pexels)
Spotify could introduce AI-generated ads (Pexels)

Spotify is reportedly developing AI bots that mimic podcast hosts to create targeted ads.

Semafor reported that the streaming platform is working on tools to create artificially generated voices that they could use in ads, as revealed by American sportswriter Bill Simmons.

Simmons, the host of The Bill Simmons Podcast, said he is among the hosts who could have their voices replicated by AI — with his full permission.

The AI-voice could be used to generate location-based adverts for listeners based on the podcast they’re listening to.

Speaking with  Derek Thompson, an editor at The Atlantic, Simmons revealed on an episode of his podcast: “I don’t think Spotify is going to get mad at me for this, but we’re developing that stuff.

“There is going to be a way to use my voice for the ads. You have to obviously give the approval for the voice, but it opens up, from an advertising standpoint, all these different great possibilities.”

Simmons also speculated that the AI could take the hosts’ voices and translate the podcast into various languages.

The streaming platform has yet to confirm that they will be using AI in this way, but a Spotify spokesperson told Insider: “We’re always working to enhance the Spotify experience and test new offerings that benefit creators, advertisers, and users.

“Advertising represents an interesting canvas for future exploration, but we don’t have anything to announce at this time.”

Spotify is also acquiring AI voice company Sonantic, as reported by Tech Crunch, which could suggest that a podcast host AI tool is in the works.

Ziad Sultan, VP of personalization at Spotify, said in a statement: “We’re really excited about the potential to bring Sonantic’s AI voice technology onto the Spotify platform and create new experiences for our users.

“This integration will enable us to engage users in a new and even more personalised way.”

Spotify has already integrated AI technology into its platform with its “AI DJ” function.

The tool, which is currently in beta, features an artificially generated DJ introducing the themes and genres of an algorithmically curated playlist, even addressing users by name and calling out their favourite artists.

With AI becoming increasingly prevalent, more regulation is set to come into force in the next few years.

The EU is introducing a set of rules that would assign applications of AI to three risk categories, and companies using these tools will have to abide by different rules, depending on the risk levels.