'Sounded like a fire cracker': Woman's phone explodes while charging

A Sunshine Coast woman has been left stunned after her mother’s mobile phone exploded while charging.

Elizabeth Hurford took to Facebook on Saturday to share footage of the ZTE handset with smoke billowing out from inside.

“[The explosion] sounded like a fire cracker going off then a balloon deflating,” she wrote.

White smoke filled the air after the handset exploded. Source: Facebook/ Elizabeth Hurford

She says the mobile phone had been placed on charge in their home’s kitchen on Saturday morning.

“Whilst I’m glad it happened in daylight hours, it scares me that it happened at all,” she said.

Several concerned Facebook users suggested they were lucky to have walked away unscathed.

“Very lucky. Battery fires like this can be very explosive,” one comment read.

Yahoo7 News has contacted ZTE Australia for comment on the video.

Thankfully the mobile phone wasn’t near anyone when it exploded, unlike one unfortunate man in Indonesia who’s phone exploded while in his pocket last year.