Desperate Melbourne parents shackle teen Apex member to bed to stop his violent crime sprees

In a desperate bid to stop their son from committing crimes as a member of Melbourne's notorious Apex gang, one family says it has been forced to chain a 16-year-old son to his bed to stop him leaving at night.

According to News Corp the drastic action was taken to stop the teen from slipping out at night to commit crimes like burglaries and car thefts.

The 16-year-old’s mother admitted to News Corp that she and her husband were forced to chain the child to his bed using a heavy-duty motorcycle chain, leaving the teen literally shackled.

“That’s the reality of it, that’s what we’re resorting to,” she said.

Amateur video showed the chaotic scenes as Apex members ran riot on Melbourne's street earlier this year. Photo: Supplied
Amateur video showed the chaotic scenes as Apex members ran riot on Melbourne's street earlier this year. Photo: Supplied

However, according to the teen's mother he didn’t resist the drastic measure and acknowledged the seriousness of the crimes the gang has committed.

The teen was first involved in the Moomba riots earlier in the year.

The gang from Melbourne’s southeast, named after Apex St in Dandenong North from whence several of its founders hail, has been on police radar for some time following a spate of violent attacks.

The gang is known for its public disturbance, stealing luxury cars and carrying out armed robberies and home invasions.

In recent months police have arrested 33 members of the notorious gang, including of a number of alleged ringleaders.

According to News Corp more than a third of the youths who fronted court over the March riots in Moomba have since been charged with committing additional violent crimes.

However many of the offenders have since been released back in the community.

The teen’s mother admitted that she resorted to chaining her son up following him being granted bail telling News Corp, “then we could sleep at night, instead of not knowing if he’s going out or not”.

Following the violent Premier Daniel Andrews spoke out saying Victorian families should never have to experience the fear they endured over that now notorious weekend.

“What occurred is completely unacceptable, it will not be tolerated and fully investigated. And those who perpetrated those crimes will feel the full force of the law,” he said.

“We will not tolerate or accept this sort of thuggery this sort of criminal behavior.

“We will smash these gangs because we'll make sure Victorian Police has everything they need to make sure that those who were so lawless on Saturday night are appropriately punished.”