Son of ACT politician who robbed at knifepoint gets suspended sentence

The son of ACT Minister Joy Burch has received a suspended sentence after pleading guilty to robbing a Canberra store at knifepoint.

Lloyd Edwin Burch, 21, robbed a fast food store at Phillip last year to get money for methamphetamines, which he had been using for six years.

Burch was given a deferred sentence in April to allow him time to sort out his life.

The court heard that since then, Burch had kept out of trouble and begun a role talking to school children about how drugs had ruined his life.

Burch arrived for his sentencing in a wheelchair after breaking both legs in a recent accident.

Justice Burns said those injuries made him unsuitable for community service and handed down a two-and-a-half-year suspended sentence and two-year good behaviour order.

Burch was also banned from drinking alcohol and taking illicit drugs.

Justice Burns warned Burch it would be all too easy for him to slip into his old ways and urged him to stick to the terms of his sentence.