Sold for $40: ISIS slave's shock testimony

Bryan Seymour

You might not instantly remember the name Khaled Sharrouf, but you will recognise him as the Australian who beheads people in Iraq, and then poses for photos with his victims' heads.

There is another twisted side to Sharrouf that has been revealed because a young woman is telling how she was kidnapped, and then bought for $40 to become, like many others, his slave.

Sharrouf promotes himself as a warrior for Allah, but now we learn he is really an abuser of women.

Nineteen-year-old 'Kaleela' (not her real name) was taken, drugged and woke up with six other young women in the Iraq home of Australian jihadist Khaled Sharrouf.

"Not only witnessing many members of her family killed but also being treated as a chattel treated in appalling conditions and being sexually abused," Hugo Charlton from the Kurdish Genocide Taskforce said.

ACTUAL TESTIMONY: "We are like your daughters, how can you do this to us?' He got very angry with me and shouted: 'I have bought you to marry me, not to be like my daughter'."

'Kaleela' is too afraid to be interviewed, but several women, found by an ABC 730 crew in January were also held captive by Sharrouf.

"If we refused them anything they demanded of us they would beat us hard," one of Sharrouf's wives told 730.

ACTUAL TESTIMONY: "You and [another woman] are going to be my Nikah. The rest of you will be my servants."

Nikah means wife to Islamic State fighters who claim the right to marry women they buy and enslave.

One of the women who spoke of Australian jihadist Khaled Sharrouf. Photo: ABC
One of the women who spoke of Australian jihadist Khaled Sharrouf. Photo: ABC

"I would like to see more effort to go in and rescue these women and take them out and take them to safe houses," counter-terrorism expert Dr Anne Aly said.

More than 4,000 women have been captured by Islamic State.

'Kaleela's' life remains in danger because she has given her story as evidence in the hope it will lead to a prosecution in the International Criminal Court.

It's not known how many other women Sharrouf has purchased since 'Kaleela's' lucky escape - one that continues for thousands of others.

"She is back with her friends and family and trying to get over her ordeal," the Kurdish Genocide Taskforce's Hugo Charlton said.