Social Media Reacts To Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s VP Choice, Nicole Shanahan

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s choice of running mate didn’t exactly get him a vote of confidence on social media Tuesday.

After the independent presidential candidate announced that he had selected Nicole Shanahan, a wealthy attorney and philanthropist in the San Francisco Bay Area, to be his vice president should he actually win the 2024 election, many people took to X, formerly Twitter, to offer their thoughts.

Most of these seemed to be along the lines of “what are you thinking?” since Shanahan, like Kennedy, has no experience in higher office and is skeptical of vaccines.

Although Shanahan might be a better choice than another person Kennedy reportedly considered ― conspiracy-spewing quarterback Aaron Rodgers ― many social media users suggested that she was chosen not for her experience, but for her checkbook.

There were other concerns as well.