Social media pans Gold Coast Games promo

The curtain has come down on the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, but not before Australia sold itself to the world with the same enthusiasm as "a Herbal Essences advert on acid".

There was a distinct Aussie flavour to Sunday night's closing ceremony as Scotland handed the baton to the 2018 Australia hosts.

A cheesy section spruiking the wonders of the Gold Coast led to social media users declaring they already hated the Queensland host city.

At one point a hologram car with the number plate GOLDCOAST reminded audiences of said city's total awesomeness.

"This is like a Herbal Essences advert on acid," one viewer tweeted.

Another cringed: "This looks like the pre-show at seaworld when they play a really cheesy song and video before the whale comes out."

The segment featured a seven-song set from Kylie Minogue, along with appearances from 100m hurdles gold medallist Sally Pearson and champion surfer Mick Fanning acting out an infomercial including a video montage of Australia's natural wonders.

"This is like one of those North Korean propaganda videos: `Harvest yields in the Gold Coast have been up 400% this year'," one viewer tweeted.

But it was Jessica Mauboy's enthusiastic rendition of her Eurovision song, I Believe - Anything Is Possible, that had Twitter users believing anything was not, in fact, possible.

The pop princess drew praise for actually singing, in contrast to Mauboy, who was criticised for miming.

"Kylie gets a gold medal for this. Jessica Mauboy will get a bronze for her miming," tweeted one disapproving viewer.

Another wrote: "Anything Is Possible... even singing without moving your lips."

Minogue's compilation of finale songs such as Spinning Around and Can't Get You Out Of My Head saved the night for a throng of fans.

But the highlight for many was Australian athlete Genevieve LaCaze's stage crash.

The steeplechase runner, who placed fifth in the 3000m event, took it upon herself to stand in for Minogue after the diva skipped off stage for a quick costume change.

The cheeky athlete placed herself in among the male dancers and waved an Australian flag over her head before she was escorted off stage.