'SO MAD': Outrage over BMW's act in hours-long Covid testing line

Being stuck in line can drive anyone mad, so it's understandable people weren't happy when a driver pushed into a drive-through Covid testing line where people had been waiting for several hours.

"We've been lining up in the Covid test line for hours and this guy just pushed in behind me," the clip, shared on the Facebook page Sydney Name and Shame, was captioned.

“This guy has pushed in and everyone is so mad, as they should be," the woman filming the video said as she recorded the incident.

People in the line were furious with the driver. Source: Facebook
People in the line were furious with the driver. Source: Facebook

"We’ve been in line for hours, and they’re (the workers) trying to usher him out.”

In the clip, furious tradies were filmed surrounding a BMW trying to get him to leave after the driver cut in line at a Covid testing clinic in New South Wales.

According to the woman filming, he just "wouldn't go."

"It’s just this guy, he’s just shaking his head, he will not leave the line,” she said.

“What a d**k.”

Almost 30 Covid testing clinics closed in NSW

On Tuesday, almost 30 Covid testing clinics were closed after struggling as the number of people requiring testing as cases skyrocketed in NSW.

Pathologists Australian Clinical Labs, which runs drive-through and walk-in facilities, said on Monday it had to temporarily close a number of sites “due to the significant increase in testing volumes”.

Despite the rules for testing surrounding interstate travel and for close contact and Covid-positive people being changed, there is still a demand for tests statewide.

In Victoria, Covid-19 testing pressures prompted four private pathology labs to close 54 sites while they catch up on a backlog of results.

Testing commander Jeroen Weimer said the four companies — 4Cyte, Australian Clinical Labs, Melbourne Pathology and Dorevitch — would suspend the sites.

On Tuesday, 40 sites shut by 10am in Victoria because they had reached capacity. Others had wait times of three hours.

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