'Snowflake' Eric Trump Mercilessly Mocked Over Raging Response To MSNBC Host's Joke

Eric Trump was mockingly dubbed a “snowflake” after he took exception to a gag that MSNBC’s Katie Phang posted on X, formerly Twitter, about his father Donald Trump’s hush money trial in New York.

Eric Trump has attended the trial on multiple days but didn’t on Tuesday when his brother, Donald Trump Jr., showed up for the first time.

It prompted Phang to joke: “Don Jr. is here today. I guess we know who lost the rock, paper, scissors battle,” Phang wrote.

Eric Trump strongly objected to the post.

“What a cruel and nasty comment by @KatiePhang of @MSNBC,” the Trump scion railed. “This is the state of the mainstream media — attacking a son for supporting their father — as I have on countless days during this bogus sham of a trial.”

Critics, though, reminded Eric Trump of the vitriol his father and his other family members have frequently spewed at others.

Phang has not responded to Eric Trump’s post.