Snoop Dogg sues Walmart amid 'cereal sabotage' claim

Snoop Dogg has launched a lawsuit credit:Bang Showbiz
Snoop Dogg has launched a lawsuit credit:Bang Showbiz

Snoop Dogg has accused Walmart of sabotaging his cereal brand.

The 52-year-old rap star and Master P have launched a lawsuit against the supermarket chain, accusing Walmart and Post Consumer Brands - a food manufacturing company - of hiding boxes of Snoop Cereal.

The lawsuit - which was filed on Tuesday (06.02.24) - claims that Post agreed to "treat Snoop Cereal as one of its own brands" and that it would distribute it to "the major retailers including Walmart, Target, Kroger, and Amazon".

The suit adds: "Because the largest seller of Post’s products is Walmart, Snoop Cereal should have been placed on Walmart’s shelves right next to the dozens of other Post-branded [cereals].

"Unbeknownst to Broadus Foods, Post was not on board with their goals and dreams and had no intention of treating Snoop Cereal equally as its own brand."

The rap stars have accused Post of entering into a "false arrangement".

The suit adds: "Essentially, because Snoop Dogg and Master P refused to sell Snoop Cereal in totality, Post entered a false arrangement where they could choke Broadus Foods out of the market, thereby preventing Snoop Cereal from being sold or produced by any competitor."

Snoop and Master P claim that their product has proven to be popular with consumers in the US.

However, the rap duo also believe that Snoop Cereal suffered from a lack of visibility in Walmart stores.

The lawsuit explains: "Walmart and Post agree on the exact aisle, shelf, and position each box will reside on that store floor. This joint venture results in each store being told exactly where they are to put each cereal brand down to the nearest millimetre."

On the other hand, Walmart noted that it has a "strong history of supporting entrepreneurs".

The retail giant added: "Many factors affect the sales of any given product."