Sneaky sister cancels brother's wedding

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A woman who disliked her brother’s bride-to-be phoned a registry office pretending to be his fiancé and cancelled their wedding, a court heard.

Ann Duffy, 50, wanted to stop sibling David Greatrex, 52, tying the knot with girlfriend Sandra Hardy, 28.

Duffy disapproved of her brother’s partner and feared he’d have a 'disastrous' marriage, so rang a registry office pretending to be her future sister in law.

She told officials to scrap plans for their wedding, then rang her brother and told him: 'I have saved you on the divorce.'

Duffy, who still insists her brother is not suited to his younger girlfriend, was reported to police by the couple and has since been charged with harassment.

David and Sandra, who later got married despite his sister's attempted intervention. Photo: Facebook.

Fortunately, her bizarre scheme failed to wreck her brother's big day and he married Sandra 20 days later as planned after reinstating the booking.

But the botched attempt landed Duffy in trouble when the furious couple reported the deception to police.

Duffy admitted a charge of harassment at Plymouth Magistrates Court - but still insisted she doesn't approve of the marriage.

Roger Page, defending, said her actions did not mean the couple couldn't get married.

He said: "What we have here is somebody that has pleaded guilty to harassment without violence."

"The defendant still takes the view that her brother is not suited to his wife.

"In desperation to avoid her brother from making what she regarded as a disastrous move she cancelled the wedding."

The couple eventually married 20 days after Ann Duffy's cancellation. Photo: Facebook.

David and shop assistant Sandra were set to marry on November 25 but Duffy rang up on November 5 to scrap the booking, the court heard.

Later that day she phoned her brother and said: 'You better put this on speaker phone. I have saved you on the divorce.

"I have cancelled your wedding. Would you like me to send you the confirmation email?"

She told officers she cancelled the wedding to cause her sister-in-law distress - but not to upset her brother, the court heard.

She explained she was trying to protect David from a marriage to someone she disliked and who she believed was taking her mother away.

Photo: Facebook.

During her police interview Duffy explained about the strained relationship with her sister-in-law over her mother, who had moved in with the couple.

Prosecutor Will Warden said there was 'friction' between the two women and a history of bad blood over the care of Duffy's elderly mother.

He told the court: "One offence doesn't really constitute a harassment charge."

"There were other incidents that had been reported to police which is why the charge was brought."

The hearing was held on Wednesday but yesterday (Thurs) Duffy took to Facebook and ranted about the outcome - again blaming Sandra.

She wrote: "So before people want to judge me you need the facts. Good job my family and friends no (sic) the truth."

"There is so much they don't write try make me look bad. People quick to comment when you know nothing. Self opinionated you don't know FACTS."

Mr Page said because she called the pair and told them what she had done, they were able to re-book the wedding the next day.

Duffy, of Plymouth, will be sentenced on February 11 following a full pre-sentence report.