'They broke him': Grieving parents claim Snapchat abuse prompted teen son's suicide

Two grieving parents claim that years of social media bullying prompted their gifted teenage son to take his own life.

Sam Abel, 14, was tormented to the point that he told his friends he “wants to die to prove a point".

The Tudor Grange Academy School in Worcester, England was ridiculed for his passion for cycling to the point that thugs even slashed his bike tyres.

His father Mark said he was receiving Snapchat messages on a daily basis but said his son “suffered in silence”.

Mark Abel (left) said he had no idea just how badly the social media bullying damaged his teenage son, Sam. Source: Facebook

"It started as individuals but I think more people joined in with taunting him when it developed into cyber bullying," Mark told The Mirror.

“Snapchat messages only last seconds but when your getting those messages constantly, the seconds add up and they broke him down in the end."

By January 2017, it had become too much and the Worcester local ended his life in an ASDA car park.

His heartbroken parents said Sam hated them trying to intervene in his issues and were "left in the dark" over his struggles.

Sam's heartbroken parents said they were left in the dark about their son's suicidal thoughts. Source: Facebook

"He did get a little quiet towards the end but we just thought it was him being a teenager and being under pressure with homework,” his mother Anita told the Mirror.

"Apart from spying on your children what else can you do. A teenager's life is their phone and no one talks like they used too."

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