Snake's hiding spot in this man's bathroom will give you the creeps

A man got the fright of his life when a snake decided to join him for a shower.

Gary Morrissey, 34 of Hartlepool in England's north, was taking a shower after finishing up at the gym.

But little did the teacher know, he wasn’t alone.

It's likely the teacher will be checking the plughole every time he takes a shower now. Source: SWNS

A 35cm snake slithered out of the plughole while he was bathing.

Video shows the sneaky serpent taking a peek through the plughole.

It then slithers along the side of the tub.

The serpent has been identified as a corn snake. Source: SWNS

Luckily, the snake was a non-poisonous corn snake.

Corn snakes typically eat small rodents or birds, according to the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology.

Not that Mr Morrissey knew that at the time.

A friend of Mr Morrissey has given the snake a new home. Source: SWNS

He later told The Telegraph a friend of his, who keeps snakes as pets, has given the reptile a new home.

Mr Morrissey said 'Sausage' is now "happy as can be".