Smith vs Eubank Jr 2 LIVE! Boxing result, fight stream, latest updates and reaction after one-sided rematch

Smith vs Eubank Jr 2 LIVE!

Chris Eubank Jr exacted emphatic revenge on Liam Smith in Saturday night’s high-profile rematch in Manchester. The pressure was on ‘Next Gen’ hugely after his shock stoppage defeat by the same opponent at the AO Arena back in January, with his boxing career effectively on the line. But he passed an unfamiliar test with flying colours, dominating a completely one-sided contest from the outset.

Armed with a massively effective gameplan under the tutelage of new trainer Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntyre, Eubank Jr twice dropped Smith before the referee finally stepped in to wave off proceedings in the 10th round.

On the undercard, the exciting Adam Azim outpointed Aram Fanyan after Frazer Clarke was deducted two points for low blows before Dave Allen’s eventual retirement. Jack Cullen stopped Mark Heffron to become a new British and Commonwealth champion, Mikaela Mayer stepped up with victory at a new weight and Florian Marku demolished Dylan Moran in just 54 seconds after early victories for both Lauren Price and Frankie Stringer. Follow Smith vs Eubank Jr 2 live below!

Smith vs Eubank Jr 2 updates

  • Chris Eubank Jr dominates Liam Smith in rematch

  • Adam Azim beats Aram Fanyan on points

  • Dave Allen retires against Frazer Clarke

  • Jack Cullen stops Mark Heffron for British title

  • Mikaela Mayer comfortably outpoints Silvia Bortot

Fight report

08:42 , Marc Mayo

Chris Eubank Jr effectively saved his career with an utterly dominant rematch victory over Liam Smith.

‘Next Gen’ produced a boxing masterclass at Manchester’s AO Arena on Saturday night, supplying two knockdowns en route to a superb and hopelessly one-sided 10th-round stoppage win.

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Chris Eubank Jr targets next fight

08:08 , Marc Mayo

Chris Eubank Jr wants a fight with Gennady Golovkin next and also called out the likes of Conor Benn and Kell Brook after his rematch win over Liam Smith.

“Listen, I want to fight Triple G,” Eubank Jr told Sky Sports on Saturday night. “I don’t know where he is right now, but wherever you are Gennady, you’ve been holding onto them belts for too long.

“I want to take one, so let’s get that on if we can. 100 per cent.”

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00:19 , George Flood

Silencing those critics...

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Liam Smith: I was flat from the start

00:15 , George Flood

“I was just flat from the start,” Smith said. “I think the weight killed me a little bit after the injury. I was just flat from the get-go and Chris was sharp.

“I couldn’t move my feet and when I did I rolled my ankle. But I’ve got dodgy ankles anyway haven’t I, it’s just one of those things. Chris was the better man tonight. I shout when I win, I’ll take my defeat when I lose.”

Eubank Jr: It had to be revenge tonight

00:09 , George Flood

“It had to be [revenge], I had no other choice,” Eubank Jr said. “There are too many other big fights out there for me that the fans want to see, that I want to be involved in.

“I had to beat Liam tonight. I threw so many punches that the lettering on my shorts fell off. It’s incredible. Liam is a warrior, I respect him and I respect his whole team and his family and his brothers.

“They always come out and they always put it all on the line. He didn’t give up and he fought to the last second. Big up to Liam and his team.”

23:55 , George Flood

“I think the weight killed me a bit after the [back] injury,” Smith tells Sky, sporting a very nasty gash just above his right eyelid.

“I just felt flat. I couldn’t move my feet and when I did move my feet back I rolled my ankle.”

However, he doesn’t use that as an excuse and says he’s got dodgy ankles anyway.

Natasha Jonas interestingly says on Sky that it’s a habit Smith has of over-extending and clicking his ankles, does it all the time in training apparently.

23:52 , George Flood

Eubank Jr calls out Conor Benn and Kell Brook in his post-fight interview, both of whom were supposed to be at ringside tonight.

Definitely saw Kell, but not sure if Conor made it or not in the end.

He then ends by saying he would like to fight Gennady Golovkin next.

23:51 , George Flood

Good respect between the two rivals shown after the final bell.

Eubank Jr then hurls any towel he can find out of the ring.

“I threw so many punches that the lettering on my shorts fell off,” he quips in his post-match interview with Sky.

Eubank Jr stops Smith in round 10

23:40 , George Flood

Round 10

A busted and bleeding Smith is battered and down for the second time with tonnes of time left in the 10th!

Can he hold on?

Trainer Joe McNally had the towel in his hand a little earlier, but I think he was mopping up something in the corner.

Still Eubank comes and throws down those punishing big shots to a bloodied face.


Smith vs Eubank Jr

23:38 , George Flood

Round 9

Another massively impressive Eubank Jr round.

He’s absolutely toying with an utterly deflated Smith at this stage.

Now Sky are showing replays of Smith appearing to roll his left ankle earlier, having already rolled his right.

They add that Smith’s team weren’t impressed by the “softness” of the ring a little earlier on.

Hopefully that doesn’t become a big issue. It’s the same for both men after all.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Smith vs Eubank Jr

23:35 , George Flood

Round 8

Eubank Jr is surging with confidence. This is one of the best performances we’ve ever seen from him through eight.

He’s in utter control of this fight, dominating at every turn and dictating the tempo and distance throughout.

As long as he doesn’t get overconfident and take any silly risks, he has this fight firmly in the bag with four to go.

Can BoMac really of had such a big impact so fast?

Smith needs to land something big here to turn the tide. He’s so far behind on the cards he needs knockdowns or indeed a knockout.

He has no ideas at the moment as to how to close the gap and make those crucial inroads.

Smith vs Eubank Jr

23:30 , George Flood

Round 7

Masterful footwork and judging of the distance from Eubank Jr, who is still landing all the eye-catching shots with his excellent variety.

That jab is controlling the fight and teeing up some brilliant combinations.

Smith is really struggling to land anything of note and gets buzzed with yet another sharp uppercut.

He looks a beaten man at the moment as he’s pressured against the ropes and tries to fire off the back foot.

Sky are now showing the replays from the second round, when Smith did indeed look to hurt his ankle while throwing a shot.

You wonder how much that is limiting him here. But still absolutely brilliant from Eubank so far.

Smith vs Eubank Jr

23:27 , George Flood

Round 6

Smith needs to show something here as the gulf in class is shocking at the moment.

Eubank Jr is landing everything he wants, firing in that piercing jab through the guard and never missing with the follow-up uppercut.

He’s showing brilliant variety with his punches and attacking both head and body at will.

He ate a couple of shots in the sixth, but nothing to particularly worry him as he puts another round safely in the bag.

Smith is looking frustrated and out of ideas. The commentary team point out that he continues to flex his ankle between rounds, having got it caught underneath him a bit when he threw a shot early on.

Is that affecting him?

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Smith vs Eubank Jr

23:22 , George Flood

Round 5

Eubank Jr goes for broke in the fifth, absolutely battering Smith around the ring in search of an explosive finish.

Smith is desperately clinging on here against the ropes as he tries to keep the referee from stepping in amid this non-stop onslaught, full of huge punches with both hands and spiteful combinations to both head and body.

He rides it out, but here comes Eubank Jr again with a relentless spell of pressure not too dissimilar from Smith’s finish back in January.

Eubank Jr is up 5-0 here and should have got the finish in that round. Smith’s only hope is that he has punched himself out.

Smith vs Eubank Jr

23:19 , George Flood

Round 4

Smith ducked right into that uppercut, which is such a fierce weapon for Eubank Jr.

Smith is in major trouble here, Eubank Jr is absolutely dominating this fight.

Smith can’t evade any of his punches or combinations and is not throwing anything back.

A perfect, perfect start for Eubank Jr. He’s firmly four rounds up with a knockdown to boot.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Smith vs Eubank Jr

23:15 , George Flood

Round 4

Eubank Jr looks so good tonight.


He gets straight back up and beats the referee’s count.

His gumshield flies out and he gets a lot of time to recover as a result.

Eubank Jr will say it was way too much time as he looks for an early finish.

Smith vs Eubank Jr

23:13 , George Flood

Round 3

Eubank Jr is well on top at the moment, picking his shots so well.

He catches Smith with an uppercut and then lets his hands go nicely with a potent flurry with over a minute left in the third, showing his blistering hand speed with a succession of good shots including another uppercut.

Eubank Jr is putting together some lovely combinations here, attacking to both body and head.

Smith needs to start picking this up a bit as the first three rounds appear to have slipped away from him.

He ducks into another shot before the bell.

Smith vs Eubank Jr

23:10 , George Flood

Round 2

The busy Eubank Jr has started the sharper and looks to have the better gameplan so far, fighting behind the jab and then tying up every time they look to trade blows.

Some good shots from Eubank Jr so far, he’s finding his range and boxing nicely behind the jab, showing good variety and not taking any risks.

Smith is down at the end of the second, but it’s a clear push, not a knockdown.

Regardless, that’s another round for Eubank.

Not too much at all from Beefy so far, but he won’t be concerned just yet.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Smith vs Eubank Jr

23:05 , George Flood

Round 1

Both men trying to get to work quickly and establish the jab.

Eubank Jr is stepping in with the jab and then holding almost immediately, denying the chance for Smith to apply his trademark suffocating pressure or do any sort of damage on the inside.

We’ve already had a word for both fighters from the referee as they continue to tie up in the early going.

It’s clinch after clinch after clinch at the moment, with nothing really clean landed by either fighter.

Jab and hold from Eubank throughout, it’s not pretty to watch but may just be effective. I think he’s taken the first just about.

“That was a good round for you,” trainer BoMac tells his new charge in the corner.

Smith vs Eubank Jr

23:02 , George Flood

Last introductions done, we are finally underway!

Will Liam Smith back up his stunning performance from January, or are we on for a Chris Eubank Jr bounce back as he fights to save his career?

Repeat or revenge? It’s time to find out...

Smith vs Eubank Jr

22:59 , George Flood

Smith, donning a blue and gold robe, is lapping up the adulation of this crowd as he finally makes his way to the ring, ‘This Girl’ by Cookin’ on 3 Burners his music of choice.

“You’re better than him in every department” is the repeated message from his team during the walk across to the arena.


Smith vs Eubank Jr

22:53 , George Flood

If Eubank Jr is feeling the pressure tonight with arguably his whole career on the line, then he certainly isn’t showing it at the moment.

He’s full of fun and bravado as always, vaulting over the ropes, showing his hand speed and cupping his ear to a pantomime crowd.

Now time for Liam Smith, who will get a great reception from these fans. A lot have clearly made the journey across the A57 from Liverpool for tonight.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Smith vs Eubank Jr

22:50 , George Flood

Eubank Jr makes us wait even longer before finally emerging from his dressing room and making the long and lonely walk to the arena as ‘Still D.R.E.’ plays.

He’s decked out in a green, white and gold robe.

Smith vs Eubank Jr

22:48 , George Flood

Finally Big Mo is back on the mic and the ring walks are underway.

Chris Eubank Jr will be first up, his name greeted with hearty boos.

This will be a strong pro-Smith crowd.

Smith vs Eubank Jr

22:42 , George Flood

An excited crowd are belting out a full rendition of Don’t Look Back in Anger as we still await the main event ring walks.

Smith is still shadow boxing in his dressing room.

Let’s get this show on the road please, Boxxer.

Now we’re into Wonderwall...

22:38 , George Flood

This main event is coming later than I thought it would.

Light-heavyweight rivals Dan Azeez and Joshua Buatsi have now been in the ring, coming face-to-face in a WWE-style promo ahead of their October clash at the O2 Arena.

Surely the Smith and Eubank Jr ring walks will now follow.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Smith vs Eubank Jr next

22:31 , George Flood

It’s time for that massive main event next at a buzzing AO Arena in Manchester.

Chris Eubank Jr looks for redemption and puts potentially his career on the line in a high-profile, twice-delayed rematch against Liam Smith.

The stakes are massive!


Adam Azim targets European title shot next

22:28 , George Flood

Ben Shalom confirms in the post-fight interview with Sky Sports Box Office that it has to be a European title tilt for Adam Azim next.

I believe the current EBU holder at super-lightweight is Franck Petitjean.

Adam Azim beats Aram Fanyan on points

22:22 , George Flood

The scores are in...

98-92, 100-90, 99-91 - all in favour of Azim, who picks up the WBA Continental super-lightweight championship.

More valuable rounds under his belt and another good learning experience.

Adam Azim vs Aram Fanyan

22:19 , George Flood

Round 10

No late knockout from either man, but another decent round from Azim as he makes a strong finish to this fight.

Fanyan was a tough and awkward opponent at times, but I only gave him a couple of rounds in the end.

This should be a comfortable points win on the way for Azim, who should move to 9-0 after seeing the final bell for the third time as a pro.

Adam Azim vs Aram Fanyan

22:16 , George Flood

Round 9

Blood around the nose of Fanyan in the penultimate round as he struggles to deal with the threat posed by a suddenly rejuvenated Azim.

During a competitive ninth, referee Michael Alexander warns both fighters about their head position after a couple of close calls.

Into the 10th and final round we go.

Azim should be way ahead on the cards, so Fanyan needs a last-gasp knockout here.

Adam Azim vs Aram Fanyan

22:13 , George Flood

Round 8

After a familiar seventh, Azim is now massively trying to up the tempo at last in the eighth.

This is the Azim we know as he walks down Fanyan and lets his hands fly, suddenly crashing in some power blows including a succession of big right hands that hurt the Ukrainian.

Fanyan is holding on somewhat midway through the round, but he weathers the storm and Azim, no doubt weary of tiring himself out, then cools off a bit in the final 30 seconds or so.

But so much better from The Assassin. He flicks a switch and is suddenly full of menace and confidence.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Adam Azim vs Aram Fanyan

22:05 , George Flood

Round 6

More of the same in the sixth, with Azim’s best shot coming with a jolting blow to the body.

In the corner, trainer Shane McGuigan then implores his charge to make Fanyan pay for telegraphing that left hook from distance with a big right hand.

It’s all just too tentative and reluctant from Azim at the moment - not words you would ever usually use to describe him.

Having said that, for all the headlines generated by his six explosive stoppages, Azim has gone the distance twice early on as a pro - on debut against Ed Harrison and in his last bout against Santos Reyes in February.

Adam Azim vs Aram Fanyan

22:01 , George Flood

Round 5

This certainly isn’t vintage stuff from Azim at the moment against an admittedly very tricky and awkward opponent with plenty of experience.

He just can’t seem to go through the levels as he usually does, it’s still just a lot of single jabs and not much else, though he did put together one lovely combination midway through the fifth.

He’s not measuring the distance too well, though there’s another solid one-two finishing with a solid right hand. Better.

Adam Azim vs Aram Fanyan

21:57 , George Flood

Round 4

Fanyan is constantly trying to find that left hook as he knows Azim can’t seem to defend it.

Azim is still jabbing well and trying to counter repeatedly with the right, but he can’t piece any of those explosive combinations together at the moment.

He’s up 3-1 here I would say behind the jab, but he’s a tad too cautious and passive otherwise.

Needs to start following up the jab with some variety.

Adam Azim vs Aram Fanyan

21:53 , George Flood

Round 3

This is good stuff from Fanyan through three.

His left hand is potent and he is having a lot of success with the hook.

He throws to the body and then drills Azim with a short left hook upstairs as the Briton tried to swing in a big right.

This is a real test for Azim, who is jabbing well but can’t put much else together as things stand.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Adam Azim vs Aram Fanyan

21:46 , George Flood

Round 2

Azim’s long jab is sharp, but he’s not got too much else working so far.

Fanyan is trying to use some aggression and speed to rough up and unsettle the 21-year-old early on.

Azim misses with a big right hand and eats a short shot for his troubles on the inside.

Azim is having to think a lot in there at the moment, jabbing well to head and body but so far not able to tee up that big right.

Adam Azim vs Aram Fanyan

21:43 , George Flood

Round 1

Azim snaps out that jab in the first, but he isn’t getting Fanyan to bite on those trademark feints so far.

The experienced Ukrainian has actually settled pretty well here, landing a nice left hook - the shot of the round for sure.

He also digs in a decent left to the body before the bell.

Adam Azim vs Aram Fanyan

21:40 , George Flood

Round 1

The first bell sounds and we’re underway in this chief support bout.

Will this be another explosive stoppage from Azim, or will Fanyan provide his toughest test to date?

Azim donning some very lively purple and white sparkly and furry shorts.

Adam Azim vs Aram Faniian

21:34 , George Flood

It’s time for the co-main event of the night in Manchester.

The hugely exciting 8-0 Adam ‘The Assassin’ Azim faces what could be the toughest test of his explosive young career to date against experienced Ukrainian campaigner Aram Fanyan.

Slough’s Azim had reeled off six straight stoppage wins inside three rounds before being taken the distance by Santos Reyes on his last outing in February.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

21:19 , George Flood

Sky Sports confirm that Allen actually retired there due to perforated eardrum.

Clarke is not happy in his post-fight interview, he doesn’t think those shots were low and he believes Allen will use them to complain and try and make more money with a rematch.

He’s annoyed at Allen’s ‘Fake Del Boy’ apparently already trying to secure a rematch at ringside.

He says it won’t be happening and that he will be moving up.

21:14 , George Flood

Dave Allen retires after round six

21:12 , George Flood

It’s all over after the sixth as Allen shakes his head on the way back to the corner and trainer Jamie Moore informs referee Mark Lyson that the bout is finished.

You wondered initially if Allen was frustrated at those repeated low blows, but replays show Allen appearing to have an issue with his jaw.

Regardless, he’s not happy with Clarke and the two remain locked in deep discussion after the result is officially read out.

Big Fraz up to 8-0 as a pro, Allen slips to 21-6.

Still they argue, with Clarke getting feisty. The post-fight interviews will certainly be interesting!

Frazer Clarke vs Dave Allen

21:08 , George Flood

Round 6

There’s yet another low shot from Clarke at the start of the sixth and referee Mark Lyson has had enough - he deducts a point from the Olympic bronze medalist.

He quickly does it again and there’s another point off! Clarke really has to get this sorted and get those punches up.

The next one Allen complains about is waved away by Lyson, however, with the White Rhino caught as he protests.

A couple of long rights find the mark from Clarke, who does some good work on the inside and lands a couple of super uppercuts with Allen breathing heavily and clearly feeling the pace.

Having targeted the body all fight, Clarke seems to be wisely staying away from it now... until yet ANOTHER low blow! That one was blatant - the crowd, Allen and the referee are all frustrated with Clarke.

This time Lyson doesn’t take a point off. Clarke has to be so careful and stay away from those body shots for the moment.

Clarke slings in another nice uppercut on the inside and catches Allen hard with a straight right before the bell. Much better.


Frazer Clarke vs Dave Allen

21:02 , George Flood

Round 5

Allen is growing in confidence in the fifth with Clarke struggling to get any decent shots off.

So much clinching and the referee has to frequently intervene, warning Allen about pushing down or possibly a shot to the back.

Now some blood around the mouth of Allen, who is caught with another tidy uppercut from Big Fraz.

Clarke goes back to the body and that was low again, surely! He’s given time to recover - also blood now trickling down from the left eye of Clarke.

Allen claims another low blow at the end of the fifth! He’s not happy.

Frazer Clarke vs Dave Allen

20:58 , George Flood

Round 4

Clarke busy again early in the fourth, trying to get those combinations going.

Allen thinks he’s hit low again but referee Mark Lyson is unsighted and Clarke steps on the gas, forcing the White Rhino against the ropes.

But Allen then manages to find the target with a lovely right hand over the top!

He lunges in again and tries to drive it home once more in trademark unorthodox fashion.

Clarke shakes it off and tries to go back to work, but the combos aren’t really coming off at the moment.

It’s all a bit stiff and sluggish, uppercut aside. Crowd very quiet.

Frazer Clarke vs Dave Allen

20:55 , George Flood

Round 3

Allen increases his aggression early in the third, making Clarke think.

But Clarke responds with a strong right hand and drives in a nice left to the body.

He’s constantly peppering Allen with that pawed left jab and gets through with another uppercut. He wants to detonate that overhand right.

Allen tries to come back and there’s plenty of ugly holding and clinching between the two big heavyweights.

Clarke’s latest shot hits Allen on the belt line, which is actually sagging below his protector. That’s clearly low and he gets a telling off by the referee.

Everyone will be hot on those after the controversy in Poland last weekend.


Frazer Clarke vs Dave Allen

20:50 , George Flood

Round 2

More purposeful at the start of the second from Clarke, who drives in an uppercut and works well with the left jab to try and tee up the strong right hand.

He’s momentarily trapped in the corner by Allen, who lands a couple of shots but doesn’t really make him pay.

Clarke ups his work rate thereafter with more good body work and another driven uppercut.

He’s constantly testing the guard with that flicked left jab before trying to rattle in a clubbing right.

Allen extremely reluctant to let fly so far.

Frazer Clarke vs Dave Allen

20:47 , George Flood

Round 1

Not too much action at all to speak of in a subdued opener.

Clarke sinks in a couple of sharp body shots behind the elbow and tries to get his jab working to both head and body.

Allen walking him down, but not letting his hands go so far.

Frazer Clarke vs Dave Allen

20:43 , George Flood

Round 1

Underway in this 10-round heavyweight contest!

Will we see a statement win from Clarke against a tough campaigner in Allen?

Frazer Clarke vs Dave Allen

20:35 , George Flood

Frazer Clarke’s appearance next is his second since the farce surrounding his team withdrawing from purse bids for a showdown against British champion Fabio Wardley.

The Olympic bronze medalist outpointed former world title challenger Mariusz Wach back in June, three months after an early demolition of late-replacement opponent Bogdan Dinu.

Now he takes on the popular and experienced Dave Allen, who briefly retired in 2020 before quickly returning with three straight wins over Andrea Pesce, Milen Paunov and Michael Bassett.

This has to be another convincing win from ‘Big Fraz’, who at 32 has little time to waste in the professional ranks after such a long and successful amateur career.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Adam Azim and Frazer Clarke up next

20:21 , George Flood

Just two fights left before the main event in Manchester!

Exciting 8-0 Berkshire light-welterweight Adam ‘The Assassin’ Azim takes his next professional step against Ukraine’s Aram Fanyan.

Heavyweight Frazer Clarke is also back in action against the resurgent ‘White Rhino’ Dave Allen.

Mark Heffron vs Jack Cullen

20:10 , George Flood

Watching the replay, Heffron looked to block a right hook from Cullen and tried to throw back, leaving himself open to a peach of a short left hook that landed right on the button and sent him down.

He looked so unsteady as he got back to his feet and tried to stay there, but the referee had no choice but to intervene after he sank down again.

Brilliant from Little Lever’s Meat Cleaver, who proudly takes possession of the Lonsdale belt.

Jack Cullen stops Mark Heffron in third round

20:06 , George Flood

Round 3

The action heats up as Heffron carries on walking down Cullen, who takes his opportunities to strike solidly off the back foot.

Cullen is light on his feet, moving well and having the better of these furious close-range exchanges that are increasing in both number and intensity.

Heffron’s head movement is static and he’s loading up, looking a bit stiff with some telegraphed attacks.


He gets back up and tries to stay there, but sinks down again and the referee waves it off.

Jack Cullen is the new British and Commonwealth super-middleweight champion!

Mark Heffron vs Jack Cullen

20:02 , George Flood

Round 2

Heffron is putting the pressure on in the second, using that mostly effective double jab to try and set up the big overhand right.

He’s walking down Cullen all the time, but is a bit too keen and lunging on occasion and deservedly gets caught for it.

Cullen counters with a sweet right hook with 25 seconds left in the round as Heffron again reaches too much with an attempted spearing jab to the body.

Great anticipation from Cullen. Heffron is the aggressor but he really felt that hook, having been tagged on the way out.

Mark Heffron vs Jack Cullen

19:58 , George Flood

Round 1

A cautious opening with both men just trying to feel each other out.

Both look to get behind the jab early, Heffron unsuccessfully trying to find the mark with that lead left hook.

Heffron’s long spearing jabs don’t find the mark, he’s doubling up on it a lot, but Cullen does have success with some short, sharp jabs.

It’s tentative stuff with Cullen initially shading it, but Heffron has the better of a couple of late exchanges.

Mark Heffron vs Jack Cullen

19:55 , George Flood

Round 1

Here we go!

The AO Arena in Manchester has filled up very nicely and the atmosphere is already bouncing.

This should be an electric scrap between two big hitters who know each other well.

Mark Heffron vs Jack Cullen

19:52 , George Flood

It’s a potential fight of the night contender next in Manchester!

Local favourite Mark ‘Kid Dynamite’ Heffron defends his British and Commonwealth super-middleweight title against former stablemate and ex-IBF international champion Jack Cullen - AKA Little Lever’s Meat Cleaver.

This should be an absolute cracker.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Mikaela Mayer wants Natasha Jonas fight

19:41 , George Flood

Mayer confirms in her post-fight interview that she’s ready to step up again straight to 147lbs next and challenge Natasha Jonas for her unified light-middleweight world titles.

Mikaela Mayer beats Silvia Bortot in wide points win

19:35 , George Flood

Referee Steve Gray does indeed give Mikaela Mayer every round.

He scores it 100-90 in favour of the American, who takes her first win up at super-lightweight.

The 33-year-old goes to 19-1.

Mikaela Mayer vs Silvia Bortot

19:33 , George Flood

The two fighters exchange some big shots in the 10th, with Mayer caught a couple of times herself.

It’s a gruelling last couple of minutes, with the exhausted Italian trying her best to muster an unlikely last-gasp comeback.

However, still the better and cleaner shots are landed by Mayer, who has surely won every round here tonight.

We go to the referee’s scorecard...

Mikaela Mayer vs Silvia Bortot

19:31 , George Flood

Into the final round we go.

Can Mayer find a late stoppage?

Mikaela Mayer vs Silvia Bortot

19:30 , George Flood

The referee has a serious look at Bortot in the penultimate round as Mayer continues to drive in those big right hands and stylish combinations.

She’s frequently looking to detonate the right over the top, followed by a stinging left hook.

Bortot looks tired and hurt.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Mikaela Mayer vs Silvia Bortot

19:28 , George Flood

Eight rounds down and Mayer is cruising to a comfortable victory against Bortot, who is really feeling the pace of this contest now.

The American is far the superior fighter, battering the body at will.

When she pieces those effective combos together it’s so great to watch.

How much does Bortot have left in the tank here?

Mikaela Mayer vs Silvia Bortot

19:20 , George Flood

A lot of punishing body work from Mayer in the sixth, sapping the energy reserves and will of Bortot, who is definitely slowing down now.

She’s utilised the jab very well all evening.

It’s clever stuff from the American, who looks at home at the higher weight.

Caroline Dubois is an interested spectator at ringside, along with Lauren Price.

Mikaela Mayer vs Silvia Bortot

19:18 , George Flood

Nice work from Mayer in the fifth, detonating some huge right hands over the top and putting together some spiteful combos that find the mark.

She’s stepping up the level now, a really strong end to the round. Bortot felt her power a few times there.


Mikaela Mayer vs Silvia Bortot

19:15 , George Flood

The turquoise-clad Mayer is impressing with her variety and shot selection though four rounds - her sharp uppercut is a particular weapon on the inside.

When she plants her feet and lets the shots fly, she’s a real force.

But like against last-minute replacement Wildheart in April, she’s doing far the more eye-catching work but is still being kept honest by a competitive, busy and brave opponent.

Better defensive nous from Bortot in the fourth, but she gets tagged pretty much every time she steps in to throw.

Mikaela Mayer vs Silvia Bortot

19:10 , George Flood

Some good centre-ring action early on in this one.

The eye-catching shots and combinations are coming from Mayer, who is a class above.

Bortot is brave and busy, but it’s all a bit untidy.

Mayer on top, with both women letting their hands go.

Mikaela Mayer vs Silvia Bortot

18:59 , George Flood

Former unified super-featherweight world champion Mikaela Mayer fights in the UK for the third time next.

With potential future opponent Natasha Jonas on commentary duties at ringside, and another in Lauren Price already with a win to her name tonight, the American takes on Italy’s Silvia Bortot in a 10-rounder.

We last saw Mayer at the Copper Box Arena in April, when she moved up and outpointed brave Swedish challenger Lucy Wildheart to become the WBC interim lightweight champion.

Mayer famously lost her super-feather belts after that close defeat by rival Alycia Baumgardner at the O2 Arena last October.

She’s now in her first fight at super-light.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Chris Eubank Jr: It’s do or die... everything is on the line

18:53 , George Flood

Chris Eubank Jr’s confidence has seemingly not been diminished by that harrowing night in January, but he does admit that his career is on the line in tonight’s massive main event.

He told GQ: “It’s do or die. Everything is on the line for this fight. This is not a joke. This is not a game. This is my life. Some people are talking about retirement.

“That’s all bulls**t to me. I don’t need to think about that. I just need to go in there and do what I know I can do.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Florian Marku calls out Conor Benn, Josh Taylor and Kell Brook

18:43 , George Flood

As expected, Florian Marku called out some big guns after his brutal first-round demolition of Dylan Moran.

He wants Conor Benn, Josh Taylor or Kell Brook, but promoter Ben Shalom then appears to name-drop Josh Kelly at ringside.

Benn will be here tonight by the way as he watches Eubank Jr, no doubt hoping to either revel in his rival’s demise or else try and secure again that high-profile clash between the duo of famous fathers that was cancelled last October.

Social media suggests he will be arriving in style via helicopter...

Liam Smith predicting repeat of January shock

18:38 , George Flood

Meanwhile, Liam Smith is certain that Chris Eubank Jr is going to be drawn into making the same costly mistakes that we witnessed at this same venue back in January.

And when he does, ‘Beefy’ has vowed to pounce in similarly emphatic fashion.

“All week it was, ‘Chris couldn’t be hurt’. I was like, ‘Never say never’,” he said.

“I told everyone, ‘Don’t think anyone can’t be hurt because they have got a good chin’. I do still think he has got a good chin, but he got hit, looking at the floor, and he went.

“The same will happen again. If he makes the same mistakes, I will punish him.”


Eubank Jr: I won’t look for the easy way out

18:32 , George Flood

Looking ahead to tonight’s main event, a typically brash Chris Eubank Jr is confident of bouncing back in style - insisting that new trainer Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntyre will not follow his predecessor Roy Jones Jr in being ready to throw in the towel.

"We are not going to look for the easy way out," said Eubank. "If it gets rough, if it gets hairy, we are there for the long haul. We are going to get through it.

"If there is going to be a towel involved in this fight it will definitely be coming from the other corner.

"What happened in the last fight was not supposed to happen. Even to Liam - he may not admit it - but he was not expecting the fight to finish how it finished. Nobody was.

"I know I am the better fighter and I am going to go out there and prove it on Saturday.

"The preparation I have had has been excellent and the performance I am going to have is going to be exquisite, supernatural. It is going to be a beautiful, artistic display of savage boxing."


Florian Marku vs Dylan Moran

18:23 , George Flood

54 seconds is all it took for Marku to demolish a hopelessly overmatched Moran there.

The Irishman tried to establish his jab early but got smashed with that big overhand left and then just could not recover.

To be fair he just wasn’t allowed to by Marku, who was vicious and relentless as he crashed in a flurry of massive punches with both hands.

It was a good stoppage from referee Mark Lyson, too. Moran didn’t go down but he was taking severe punishment and not firing back at all.

The confident Albanian will want a big step up after this, with all those injuries finally a thing of the past after a frustrating year so far.

Florian Marku stops Dylan Moran in first round

18:19 , George Flood

Oh my word!

Marku explodes out of the blocks and batters Moran from the first bell!

He rocks him with a huge left hand after slipping the jab and then immediately goes for the finish, raining down enormous shot after enormous shot with both hands.

Moran’s legs have gone, he can’t resist and the referee steps in! It’s over in the first round!

Emphatic from Marku. Wow!

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Florian Marku vs Dylan Moran

18:18 , George Flood

Both fighters revel in their respective ring walks, with Moran soaking up the atmosphere for a while at the top of the ramp befiore ‘All of the Lights’ starts up.

Plenty of Albanian in the stands to support their hero Marku, who will hope to successfully defend his 30-fight unbeaten record tonight.

Florian Marku vs Dylan Moran

18:12 , George Flood

This should be an absolutely explosive showdown between Marku and Ireland’s ‘Real Deal’ Moran, who clashed in some fiery exchanges this week.

“He was shaking when we were face to face, he tried to hide it. If you see the videos from the cameras, he was shaking his legs,” Marku said after an angry staredown between the welterweight pair.

“I’m going to hunt him. I know he’s going to try to box, he going to try to run, but I will be too much for him.”

Moran hit back: “Never in my life will I shake in front of you… I am the superior boxer. It’s been a long and tough journey to get here today and I won’t let Florian Marku rob me of that.

“He’s standing in my way. It’s been a lifetime of hard work to be sat here and I plan on finishing the job Saturday night.”

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

18:03 , George Flood

We’re moving into the freeview portion of the undercard, which I’m assuming will begin with Florian Marku.

The entertaining and unbeaten Albanian welterweight is up against Dylan Moran.

17:57 , George Flood

Here’s the moment that Lolita Muzeya sustained that terrible gash above her left eye.

That will surely take a long time to heal.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Lauren Price beats Lolita Muzeya

17:44 , George Flood

As we went beyond the fourth round, we go to the referee’s score.

Steve Gray scores it 60-54 in favour of Lauren Price, who moves to 5-0 after another impressive display ended prematurely.

Hopefully Muzeya is able to recover quickly from what is a really awful cut. No chance she could have carried on with all that blood.

Lauren Price vs Lolita Muzeya

17:42 , George Flood

Price lands a big shot on Muzeya at the end of the fifth, before there is a sickening and accidental clash of heads that opens up a massive cut above the Zambian’s left eye.

Surely she won’t be able to continue with that?!

Muzeya had become frustrated and rather reckless trying to get stuck into Price early in the round, being punished frequently by the stylish Welsh southpaw.

We’re going into the sixth after some quick work to that Muzeya cut, but it’s quickly pouring with blood again. So nasty.

Referee Steve Gray rightly steps in and the fight is waved off.

Lauren Price vs Lolita Muzeya

17:36 , George Flood

A rather slow start from Price really, but now she’s in her groove, getting into range and letting her punches fly with strong effect before slipping outside effortlessly once again.

Really neat speed, anticipation and footwork.

She gets caught a couple of times, but this is good pressure from the Olympic champion.

Muzeya is down in the fourth, but that was a slip rather than a knockdown.

Lauren Price vs Lolita Muzeya

17:33 , George Flood

A tentative start from Price, but she’s warming up to the challenge as the early rounds fly by. This contest is scheduled for eight.

The referee gave very clear instructions with regard to the belt lines ahead of this fight, which is almost certainly as a result of the Oleksandr Usyk-Daniel Dubois controversy witnessed in Poland last weekend.

He also gives Muzeya two stern warnings for a clear punch thrown after the bell at the end of the third.

Lauren Price vs Lolita Muzeya

17:26 , George Flood

The early undercard action continues thick and fast in Manchester.

In the ring now is Olympic gold medalist and current British welterweight champion Lauren Price.

She takes on Zambia’s Lolita Muzeya, who was stopped by Savannah Marshall in Newcastle back in 2021 as she challenged for the WBO middleweight belt.

Former amateur star and footballer and kickboxer Price is 4-0 as a professional boxer so far, winning the first British women’s welterweight title by outpointing Kirstie Bavington in Birmingham back in May.

Price looks understandably emotional on her ring walk for what is her first fight since the tragic death of her brother.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Stringer beats Gomez on points in opener

17:19 , George Flood

A determined and durable Gomez makes it to the final bell, but that was a strong finish from Stringer.

We go to the referee’s score - 60-54 from Mark Lyson in favour of Stringer, who deservedly moves to 6-0.

A good start to the night for Liverpool and trainers Joe McNally and Declan O’Rourke!

Stringer vs Gomez

17:16 , George Flood

This is good work from Stringer late on, he’s stepping up the pressure in the last couple of rounds and piecing some decent combinations together.

Stringer has a cracking left hook on him, which rocked Gomez in the opener.

He switches up his attacks from body to head well. Gomez is as game as they come, but he’s being tagged heavily now in the sixth and final round.

Chris Eubank Jr faces potentially career-defining night

17:13 , George Flood

Chris Eubank Jr takes a crucial step into uncharted territory on a potentially career-defining evening against Liam Smith.

Seven months have passed since that unforgettable night in Manchester, when British boxing fans were left stunned by the sight of one of the sport's most brash and self-confessed 'marmite' figures being emphatically humbled and having his legs turned to jelly by a vicious fourth-round onslaught.

The wily Smith's relentless smothering pressure and furious fists brought two knockdowns in quick succession and ensured Eubank was stopped for the first time as a professional.

While he had lost in the past, twice in fact, to both Billy Joe Saunders and George Groves, the manner in which Eubank was swiftly dismantled in a destructive blur of power punches was like nothing we've seen before and he knows that he can ill-afford any sort of repeat as he bids to bounce back swiftly in Saturday's twice-delayed rematch.

It is not merely redemption and reputation on the line for the 33-year-old this weekend, with a path back to genuine relevance becoming seriously difficult to plot if he is convincingly defeated once more.

Read the full fight preview here

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Stringer vs Gomez

17:10 , George Flood

Frankie Stringer is in the ring now to kick off the early undercard at the AO Arena in Manchester.

The popular young Liverpool lightweight, 22, is looking to stay unbeaten and move to 6-0 in a six-rounder against Spain’s Engel Gomez.

Some decent work from Stringer through four and he’s beginning to go through the gears now, but Gomez has had a couple of moments of his own.

Some blood evident around the nose of young Stringer, who should learn a lot from this watchable scrap.

Smith vs Eubank Jr 2 fight prediction

17:02 , George Flood

The decision to change trainer a month before the fight is an intriguing one from Eubank Jr, who had to switch things up somehow after being stunned in the first contest.

Smith should be over the injury issues that have delayed this rematch but that disruption may yet play into his opponent’s hands in a fight that is genuinely tough to call.

Eubank Jr to win on points.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Smith vs Eubank Jr 2 undercard

17:00 , George Flood

Mark Heffron vs Jack Cullen

Adam Azim vs Aram Fanyan

Mikaela Mayer vs Silvia Bortot

Frankie Stringer vs Christian Lopez Flores

Frazer Clarke vs David Allen

Florian Marku vs Dylan Moran

Lauren Price vs Lolita Muzeya

Smith vs Eubank Jr 2 start time

17:00 , George Flood

Tonight’s early undercard gets underway very shortly indeed, with Olympic gold medalist and British women’s welterweight champion Lauren Price in action early on, along with the likes of Frankie Stringer and Florian Marku.

Main event ring walks are expected at around 10pm BST, meanwhile.

How to watch Smith vs Eubank Jr 2

16:58 , George Flood

TV channel: In the UK, Sky Sports Box Office will broadcast tonight’s event live for a pay-per-view cost of £19.95.

Live stream: Fans who have purchased the fight can also tune in online via the Sky Sports Box Office app and downloadable player.

Welcome to Smith vs Eubank Jr 2 LIVE coverage

16:54 , George Flood

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport's LIVE coverage of Liam Smith vs Chris Eubank Jr 2.

The eyes of the boxing world will be glued to tonight's high-profile rematch back at Manchester's AO Arena, scene of that stunning Smith win back in January.

Eubank Jr was stopped for the very first time in his career that night, succumbing to his rival's unrelenting pressure and power punches as he was twice floored in a stunning fourth round before the referee stepped in to wave proceedings off.

Eubank Jr has vowed to bounce back in style in a rematch twice-delayed due to injuries suffered by his opponent, having ditched trainer Roy Jones Jr in favour of Terence Crawford's coach Brian 'BoMac' McIntyre.

His very career could be on the line here, with questions sure to be asked about his future in the sport if he were to be soundly beaten once again.

This is very much uncharted territory for Eubank Jr, who has never before faced a rematch against an opponent who has beaten him previously.

While all the typical bravado is back from 'Next Gen', Smith is remaining cool and composed, pledging to once again punish Eubank Jr for his mistakes and mocking his long list of 'excuses' for why he lost so spectacularly last time out.

But before the main event we've got a lot of promising undercard action to look forward to tonight, so stay tuned for live updates throughout with the Evening Standard.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)