Sky News Presenter Thrown Out Of Tory Election Launch As Campaign Goes From Bad To Worse

A Sky News presenter was thrown out of a Tory election launch event as the first day of the party’s campaign went from bad to worse.

Darren McCaffrey was filmed being ejected by security guards as he tried to cover a speech by Rishi Sunak.

The prime minister had earlier been soaked by heavy rain as he announced the election will take place on July 4.

Tory sources insisted the event was being covered by a “pool” camera providing footage to other broadcasters.

But the sight of a journalist being forcibly removed from the launch will do little to reassure Tory MPs that Downing Street knows what it is doing.

McCaffrey told Sky viewers: “We just simply wanted to have access tonight at Sky News, but unfortunately we were told that because there were protocols in place, we’re not allowed to be here.

“What we are trying to film is a campaign event with the prime minister due to speak in front of Conservative activists, essentially trying to get across the message that we had in Downing Street today.”

He went on: “It’s not entirely clear why we don’t have access to it, but this was meant to be the campaign launch for the prime minister in front of party activists, in front of those loyalists who are going to out and knock on doors.”

In his speech to supporters, Sunak said: “Labour want you to think this election is over before it has even begun, but we are going to fight.

“We are going to fight every day for our values and our vision and the British people are going to show Labour that they don’t take too kindly to being taken for granted.”