Single rental room slammed over property's 'unbelievable' rules

The $200 per week room comes with a set of 'unbelievable' rules.

A rental property in Perth has been likened to a prison over a series of “unbelievable” rules that a housemate would be expected to abide by.

“Why pay $200 per week just to move back in with your parents,” one disgruntled Facebook user asked while sharing the listing online. “Lol, my 18-year-old still lives at home and has fewer restrictions than that,” another person said.

While the ad for the single room in the city’s southeast highlights that all bills are included in the cost, and that the home is just three minutes from Gosnells train station and the local Coles, Chemist Warehouse and IGA, there are a few particular details that cannot be overlooked.

The rules for the Perth room.
Those on Facebook Marketplace said they would have more freedom living with their parents or even in prison. Source: Facebook

“Prefer someone (who) doesn’t cook often,” the listing said, as well as “respect private space”.

After asking prospective tenants to “please introduce yourself” and explaining that there is a “minimum six months stay”, the ad went on to say “no party” and “no friends stayover”.

'Better service in prison'

The rules haven’t gone down well with those on Facebook Marketplace, who mostly took issue with the no cooking rule.

“How is this lucky person supposed to eat if they can’t cook food?” one person asked. “What do you want them to do, starve?” suggested another. “How can that be even legal,” someone else added. “Yes, there’s a kitchen but you can’t use it. What a load of bullsh*t.”

While one person branded the advertiser a “scumbag”, others mentioned that not only would they have “more freedom” living with their parents, but that they would get “better service in a prison”.

“I want you to pay rent but not ‘live’,” someone wrote. “Looks like a fun place to live…not”, another added.

The kitchen inside the Gosnells property (left) and the single bedroom (right).
The kitchen inside the Gosnells property that tenants aren't allowed to cook often in. Source: Facebook

Landlords banning 'any joy'

Earlier this week, a Brisbane landlord was accused of denying tenants “any joy in life” by banning overnight guests, while another went as far as to say that “landlords are banning sex”.

“So even though it's your apartment that you live in by yourself [and] that you pay rent for... no sleepovers?” the woman asked in disbelief.

But it turns out that it’s actually law in some circumstances.

While tenants across Australia have the right to have guests visit and stay in their accommodation short-term, rentals such as Brisbane apartments — which are known as micro apartments or rooming accommodation — have to abide by council fire safety restrictions.

"One of the Brisbane City Council (BCC) requirements for rooming accommodation developments is that the house does not accommodate more than five persons," a spokesperson for Core Property Advisory, the real estate agency advertising the accommodation, told Yahoo News Australia.

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