The simple mistake fully licenced drivers can be fined for

Forgetful drivers with open licences who share their car with learner and probationary drivers may be in for a costly reminder if they forget to take off the required plates.

A social media poll on the Victoria Police Facebook asked Facebook users to vote on if they thought fully licenced drivers could be fined for displaying L or P plates.

The answer is a pricey “yes”.

“Under the Road Safety Drivers Regulations, you will receive a $148 fine for displaying L or P plates when not required,” Victoria Police stated on Friday.

The results of the poll were still ongoing at the time of publication but even with 77 percent clicking “yes”, most commenters said it was an easy mistake to make.

“I remember when my son borrowed my car and forgot to take the P plates off, I didn’t see them until I finished work,” a person responded.

One woman said she was lucky she had never been fined.

“I have let my daughter drive my car and forgot to take off her P-Plates,” she wrote. “I have been lucky enough not to get pulled over.”

A few upset drivers said they didn’t think it was dangerous and felt the fine was unnecessary.

“That’s just revenue raising. As a person who has taught numerous teens to drive, there are times when you just forget,” a driver said.

“How does it create any threat or danger? Another clear case of blatant revenue raising,” an aggravated person responded.

A provisional or P plate is attached to a vehicle in Sydney.
Police warned: “You will receive a $148 fine for displaying L or P plates when not required.” Source: AAP/file

There were some people that were quick to point out that there was a simple way to avoid the fine.

“This law has been around for more than 20 years, don't get your knickers in a knot because now they are advertising that they will enforce it!” a Facebook user commented.

“If you are paying attention to your vehicle and surroundings as you should be, this will not be an issue for you at all,” another person agreed.

One woman suggested that some drivers may still need the security blanket of an L or P plate.

“I think a lot of full licence drivers aren’t confident with their driving and should be allowed to display them to warn others,” she said.

While another driver responded that some motorists aren’t any better than those still learning.

“Some fully licenced drivers who can't drive should be on L or P plates.”

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