Simple explanation after 'stairway to nowhere' baffles Aussies

The staircase leads to nothing, but its presence is easily explained.

There's been a "stairway to heaven" confusing Aussies for months now — if your idea of heaven is being 30 metres above a car park in Perth's northern suburb of Karrinyup.

The stairway to nowhere has been towering over a shopping centre leaving many scratching their heads over the seemingly pointless structure, with one local asking for much needed clarification online.

"What is this thingy?"

Perth's 'stairway to nowhere' can be seen over a car park at Karrinyup.
Perth's "stairway to nowhere" has confused many locals for months now. Source: Reddit

Locals' comical guesses over unusual staircase

In true Aussie style the image was quickly flooded with a barrage of silly functions the staircase could be used for.

Alongside the suggestions that the structure could be used as a "bungee jumping platform" or a lookout for drop bears, "budget cuts" were also considered, with some thinking the building of the structure had simply ceased due to the ever looming cost of living crisis.

"Stopped too early so it’s just a stairway to he.." one local wrote.

Simple explanation for structure revealed

However other 'in-the-know' locals came to the rescue and explained exactly what the staircase's function is.

The stair tower is used by developers at the construction site of a planned apartment complex, helping to demonstrate the potential views the building will have once it's complete — giving potential buyers a greater understanding of what they would be getting themselves in for.

When the application for the staircase was submitted in April last year to local authorities, the developer said the structure would "assist in the marketing and sales process", helping developers meet their pre-sale targets, according to PethNow.

“This gives us the ability to commence construction and deliver the project quicker and achieve positive outcomes for ourselves, our buyers, the wider local community, and local and State Government infill targets," the application read.

The platform has been in operation since last October and is expected to be deconstructed next month.

It is believed the apartment complex will consist of 270 homes and also include commercial tenancies.

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