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(PA) (PA Wire)

The next whodunnit at the Beeb?

Tickets have once again gone on sale for the BBC’s annual Correspondents’ Charity Dinner, to be hosted at the Langham in July.

According to the Beeb the night is “an opportunity to learn more about life behind the headlines.”

But as ex-Natwest boss Alison Rose discovered, it’s also an opportunity to make the headlines.

She reportedly leaked news about Nigel Farage’s so-called debanking from Coutts at last year’s dinner to business editor Simon Jack. That led to weeks of terrible press for the bank, culminating in her resignation and the loss of her seven-figure bonus.

If you want to go this year, prices start at £4,000 for a table – but it depends which table you’re on.

“It’ll only cost you £8 million to sit next to me!” Jack was overheard boasting this week.

He was at another dinner on Wednesday, this time hosted by Vodafone. Daringly, the telco giant decided to sit Simon next to the CEO, Margherita Della Valle. Though Voda’s slick comms director – one of the best in the FTSE  – sat the other side to stop any funny business.

As of Thursday afternoon, Della Valle remains in post – though shareholders are closely monitoring Jack’s tweets.

“I am done with crime drama,” he tweeted this week. “By the end you have forgotten what the original crime was and are beyond caring.” Sounds familiar.

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