Simon Cowell's X-Factor appearance shocks fans

Penny Burfitt
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Simon Cowell is back on British screens as X-Factor: Celebrity gets underway.

The show’s 16th season may be showcasing a whole new calibre of talent, from Simon’s Malibu mansion no less, but it’s not the songbirds that had Twitter lighting up.

Fans couldn’t help but revisit a well-trodden garden path - Simon’s ever-changing face.

Simon Cowell turned heads with his arresting appearance on the X-Factor. Photo: ITV

The TV personality has become quite the chameleon in recent times, stepping out with dramatic transformations almost as often as he cuts a contestant with his scathing words.

A quick glance at Simon in the same location one year ago confirms he does indeed look different.

Simon cut a different figure on the same show last year. Photo: ITV

His latest look is being described as very ‘Hollywood’, which makes sense given the location of his opulent digs.

The judge was joined by Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh to judge the talent performing, but many fans only had eyes for his sparkling new smile and slimmed-down figure.

Taking to Twitter, many shared their impressions of his enthusiastic teeth whitening job, and they didn’t take any prisoners

Others were quite legitimately concerned about the 60-year-old’s health.

He dropped a staggering 10kg earlier in the year, and some worry he may have gone too far.

“X-Factor - what’s happened to Simon Cowell, Jesus he looks so ill, is he?” another concerned fan wondered.

Others withheld the concern, instead administering a good old-fashioned dose of Simon Cowell-brand honest feedback.

Others came to the judge’s defence, slamming people’s concern as ‘fake’, and suggesting people mind their own business.

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Simon Cowell. People are just bloody noisy. As far as I’m concerned, he can do whatever makes him happy. Just stop already, leave him alone,” one Twitter users argued.

The X-Factor: Celebrity debuted on British screens on the 12th of October, and here’s hoping the reception to the star-studded show beats the reception to its celebrity judge.

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