‘Silo’ Star Rebecca Ferguson On “Thought-Provoking, Philosophical, Psychological” Apple TV+ Dystopian Series: “I Love It Beyond Anything And Everyone” — Contenders TV

‘Silo’ Star Rebecca Ferguson On “Thought-Provoking, Philosophical, Psychological” Apple TV+ Dystopian Series: “I Love It Beyond Anything And Everyone” — Contenders TV

“This is not just a film that I’ve created a character and done and left. It’s a show that I am so involved in that I love it beyond anything and everyone,” says Rebecca Ferguson at Deadline’s Contenders TV panel for Silo. “It’s really thought-provoking, philosophical, psychological.”

She added: “We had one day where we weren’t really figuring out a scene … and we just stopped the shooting for 15 minutes … and we just talked it through, because we’re not rushing anything. This is the essence of this show. We get to the core of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, in the most phenomenal setting.”

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Apple TV+’s dystopian drama tells the story of the last 10,000 people on earth, whose mile-deep home protects them from the toxic, deadly world outside. However, none of the township knows when or why the township was built, and anyone who tries to find out faces deadly consequences. Rebecca Ferguson plays Juliette, an engineer whose search for answers about a loved one’s mysterious murder leads her to a big discovery that could jeopardize the safety of everyone.

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“Sims is someone who could have been just a heavy, but they wrote him where he wasn’t just a heavy, he was someone who was fighting for something he believed in but he also had some dimension to him,” Common says. “During the pandemic I was like, ‘I gotta set my intentions to working on things that are really quality,’ and this is one of those things that are not just really quality but it lifted up my spirit because who would want to work around negative energy.”

“And it was a great show to do right after a pandemic where we’re all stuck inside, to go do a TV show about people who are all stuck inside, and the cast and crew are all stuck inside,” joked showrunner Graham Yost.

“I am so blessed, what Graham has assembled with this. It’s so beautiful,” says actor Tim Robbins. “It’s a family he’s created… What Graham has created here is a very human way to work,” in reference to England’s 10-hour work day.

Before Ferguson can answer a question hinting towards the second season, Yost rapidly interrupts in a monotone response, “Rebecca would like to answer that question, however upon the advice of counsel we are not going to speak about anything that we would know about the characters going forward, thank you.”

As Ferguson lowers her microphone and looks at the audience, Robbins adds, “I was going to say, what you think you know, you might not know… Does that pass legal counsel?”

Check out the panel video above.

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