'Signage dispute' sparked Ingleburn siege which left two men dead

Krystal Johnson

The family of the shooting victim of Monday's deadly siege in Sydney claims he and his brothers went to Inline National Signage to sort out a business dispute.

Brothers Michael, Terry and Mark Bassal had arranged a meeting with Wayne Williams at the Ingleburn business just before 11am yesterday because of an unfinished sign order for their construction business, according to a statement from the Bassal family's lawyer.

Police placed part of Ingleburn into lockdown at about 11am on Monday after receiving reports of an active shooter in the area.

Michael 'Mick' Bassal. Photo: Facebook

A statement from Mick Bassal's family was released which claims the three brothers had not yet received the signs they paid for and arranged a meeting to sort it out.

"Michael, Terry and Mark Bassal were involved together in a construction business. We instructed that their connection to the alleged gunman and those subsequently charged was solely related to that construction business,” the statement read.

"They had paid for that signage, but the work had not yet been done."

"We understood that the proprietor of that business, being one of the persons now charged, requested a meeting at the signage factory."

“That meeting was organised after a number of requests as to the status of the signage, and then for a return of money already paid."

“We understand that, as they arrived at the premises, they were immediately shot and Michael Bassal died almost instantaneously."

The statement also says the circumstances are now the subject of a criminal investigation and "it is not appropriate to enter into any further detail as to the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident."

“The Bassal family are currently grieving the loss of a son, brother, husband and father. Accordingly, we request that the family’s privacy be respected by he media during this time," the statement read.

This is the statement from the family of the shooting victim. Photo: 7 News/Jessica Dietrich

Michael 'Mick' Bassal, 43, was allegedly shot dead in the driveway of the Ingleburn business and his two brothers were also allegedly shot inside the building and were rushed to Liverpool Hospital.

Wayne Williams, 33, was reportedly armed with an assault rifle and later died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

He allegedly had links to the Finks outlaw motorcycle gang.

Witnesses told police they heard 'five shots' fired, while others claim they heard a confrontation in the building, which is located at Stennett Rd and Heald Stand.

It was Seksane's first shift the day the gunman stormed into the building. Photo: Supplied

Authorities stormed in to the building 5pm that night to find a man named, Seksane and two male hostages hiding in another room.

The hostages were uninjured and Seksane told reporters that it was his first day on the job.

The employee said he heard the gunshots but didn't see anything unfold.

According to reports, the alleged shooter's body was in a separate room inside the factory to the hostages.

Peter Williams, 52, is the father of the alleged gunman and was arrested and charged on Monday along with a 30-year-old woman.

Mr Williams has since been granted bail.

Heavily armed police and paramedics were filmed outside the sign business and several people were filmed being escorted from the scene by special operations police.

A visibly distressed woman and a man were led from the building just before 3pm and a body covered in a white sheet could be seen on the road outside the business.

A man was later arrested at the scene but police confirmed it was because the man was 'hindering' police investigations.