Sick father's emotional plea to Victorians

A Melbourne father with incurable brain cancer has made an emotional plea to Victorians - to secure his family's future.

Peter Hardie-Porter and his wife, Sarah, of Edithvale, have just celebrated the birth of their twin sons, but sadly he may never see them grow up.

The 34-year-old has been battling brain cancer for eight years and does not know how long he has to live.

It is a race against time for Peter to ensure his family won't struggle financially and he is calling on Victorians for help.

He says his biggest fear is not being able to continue working and supporting his young family when his health deteriorates.

"We’re pretty stubborn people," he told health reporter Karen O'Sullivan.

"It takes a lot for us to put our hands up and say we need some help, but this is our call - we really do need some help.

"I don’t know how long I’m going to be around for."

Peter was first diagnosed with the illness in 2003 after vision in his left eye became blurred.

"I had a CT scan and found out I had a brain tumour the size of a small tennis ball," he said.

Surgery could not remove all of the tumour, but chemotherapy and radiation have kept other tumours at bay.

Monash Medical Centre neurosurgeon Chris Xenos said: "He understands that this is not curative, but it is of concern that his low grade tumour has turned high grade, that's why he's being treated aggressively."

Sarah and Peter told Seven News they thought long and hard before making their very public cry for help, but because of Peter's uncertain future, they had no other choice.

"I want to do everything in power to see my family grow up," Peter said.

Sarah gave birth to premature twin boys, Bailey and Noah, four weeks ago, a welcome addition to the family for Peter's nine-year-old daughter Breea.

Even though he's facing a terminal illness, Peter has made a surprising admission - he says he feels lucky.

"I'm just so blessed, look at what Sarah and I have in our arms."

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Peter and Sarah Hardie-porter

BSB: 013322
Account Number: 187 296 437

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