Shopping trolleys in ballet love story

Buzz dancer Storm Helmore. Picture: Iain Gillespie/The West Australian

Shaun Parker's outdoor shopping trolley ballet comes with a warning - don't try this in your local shopping centre carpark.

Performed by Perth's Buzz Dance Theatre, Trolleys is a street-theatre show combining dance, acrobatics and puppetry in a way that may inspire those who see it to try out the ambitious four-wheeled antics on their next shopping trip.

Trolleys is one of many free shows in the annual two-week Awesome Festival for children, which starts on October 5.

"The warning is more for the adults than the children because they are the ones who are naughtier with the trolleys than the kids," Parker said.

His trolleys, operated by five dancers, have been modified into high-performance machines by The Trolley Shop in O'Connor, which supplies thousands of them to supermarkets in WA.

The Sydney choreographer was inspired to create the show after seeing solitary trolleys dumped many miles from their supermarket homes.

"I wanted to work the idea of these trolleys almost being like humans in a way," he said. "Two trolleys meet and fall in love and do this waltz together."

Like many people, Parker has taken the occasional illicit trolley ride and takes his eight-year-old daughter for a spin on the way to putting groceries in his car.

Trolleys is on twice daily at the Perth Cultural Centre Amphitheatre from October 12 to 14.