Shopping centre parking lot design fail shocks Aussies: 'Absolute disgrace'

Residents have been left puzzled over the disfunctional parking changes at their local shopping centre.

Locals have been left bewildered after a rather hilarious car park design fail blocked access to numerous car spots in their busy shopping centre car park. The outdoor parking area at Mt Annan Marketplace in south west Sydney has been reconfigured as a new development gets underway. But shoppers aren’t impressed with the odd changes impacting the amount of car spaces and access to the busy centre.

Local resident Anthony Bugge told Yahoo News Australia that the car park changes have seen a “design flaw of wasted space”, with two rows of car spaces now inaccessible and blocked by other parking spots and wheel stops.

Mt Annan Marketplace parking lot.
Residents have been left puzzled by the new parking spots as Mt Annan Marketplace as some seem to block access to others. Source: Facebook

“We’ve lost approximately 50 to 60 car spaces,” he said. “It's a very busy centre. It services Narellan Vale, Mount Annan Cascades, Currans Hill and parts of Spring Farm.

“They have not only removed parking spaces. I understand they are now building a fast food building in the middle of the carpark that's currently closed.”

'Much needed spaces gone'

Development applications from Hamptons Property Services were approved by Camden Council to build a drive-thru Guzman Y Gomez in the marketplace car park and reconfigure the current car park. But the associated works have left shoppers puzzled after the strange parking set up.

The reconfiguration of the carpark will also include additional small car spaces and a designated staff carpark. Meanwhile, the new fast food outlet will include two drive-thru lanes and 14 car spaces.

Another gripe from residents in the growing area is that there is a vacant lot of land that some believe could have been better utilised instead of taking up the required space in the carpark.

"It’s an absolute disgrace!" one person commented on a post about the issue in a Camden community Facebook page, before adding: "All the much needed car spaces gone!"

“And why would they put the new fast food joint in the carpark when there is space right next to KFC? We lose 50 spaces,” the person said.

Mt Annan Marketplace car park from above (left) and the blocked parking spots (right)
Locals are questioning why the vacant land near another fast-food outlet couldn't have been used for the new Guzman Y Gomez instead of taking up space in the carpark. Source: Google Maps/Facebook

“We need more car spaces not less,” added another.

“I actually avoid coming to these shops because the parking is a nightmare. It was poorly designed BEFORE they changed it. Now it’s even worse,” another shared.

Community concerns have also been raised about a lack of disability parking spaces and ticketed parking being introduced. In the initial stages of the proposed redevelopment, the number of entry and exit points were equally as concerning for locals, with the number of entry and exit points reduced from five down to two.

Camden Council comments on new layout

Despite community concerns, Camden Council said that the approved $1.24 million development plan will still provide adequate parking to customers and a "more efficient" layout.

Mt Annan marketplace carpark
The Mt Annan Marketplace carpark is set to be reconfigured to make way for a new fast food outlet. Source: Google Maps

"The approved alterations to the Mount Annan Marketplace car park allow for the provision of 362 car parking spaces, including eight disabled spaces, which exceeds the level of car parking required under the relevant planning guidelines," a Camden Council spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

"The approved works include the rationalisation of the entry and exit points, the creation of a more efficient car park layout and the installation of a plate recognition and boom gate system to ensure the car park is used for its intended purpose."

The council did not respond to questions about the parking spots which are now inaccessible due to the new row of wheel stops.

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