WATCH: Skidding police car comes to dramatic stop at crime scene scaring bystanders

A police car has been caught on video speeding down a residential street before skidding and spinning 180 degrees.

The video shows a bloodied man and a number of police officers dealing with an incident in Canterbury Street in Gillingham, England.

All of a sudden a police car comes rushing down the resident street, skids and turns before coming to a stop.

The police car is seen skidding before doing a 180 degree turn to stop. Source: Facebook

A number of people can be seen rushing to get off the road as the car hurtles towards them.

The video was posted to Facebook and attracted more than three million views in 12 hours, Kent Online reports.

Several of the people that appear to be involved in the disturbance police are responding to can be heard saying "Do you want to kill people?".

The car came hurtling down the road. Source: Facebook

Police later tweeted that the incident is under investigation after a number of people on social media criticised the manoeuvre, saying it endagered the lives of those around.

"A police patrol vehicle attending the urgent call, skidded on the wet road whilst it was coming to a halt and it was involved in a minor collision with some railings," a Kent Police spokesperson said.

"Nobody was injured as a result of the collision.

"As with any collision involving a police vehicle, an investigation will be carried out to establish the circumstances."