Shocking racist ‘White Student Union’ Facebook page launched in QLD

Caity Stone

A racist Facebook page has been launched by a group calling themselves 'University of Queensland White Student Union' proclaiming to be 'safe space' to support and promote the interests of domestic students of European descent.

One of the many images displayed on the page. Source: Facebook.

A statement on the page reads: “We created a Facebook page with the mission of supporting and promoting the interests of white students at UQ.”

The disturbing page has been condemned by the University of Queensland.

Another image that was posted onto the controvertial page. Source: Facebook.

The Universities' Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Joanne Wright has issued a statement distancing the university from any official association with the page or its members.

"The University of Queensland prides itself on its diversity," Professor Wright said in a statement.

"We thoroughly condemn any attempt to undermine the importance of fostering an equitable society, both on campus and more broadly."

The Facebook page is on full view for all to see. Source: Facebook.

The ‘group’ has also made claims of launching an official university union in direct association with the page.

'If we have sufficient support from the student body we will apply to affiliate a White Student Society at UQ in 2016.'

The Facebook page was launched earlier in the week and is already garnering national headlines.

One of the many rants on the page. Source: Facebook.

The page contains various xenophobic images and racist rants including one about not having to work co-operatively with foreign students.

'We're forced to do group work with internationals who can't speak English, we carry the load and do all the work while our marks are dragged down, reads one of the rants on the page.'

The university has been careful to distance themselves from the page. Source: Facebook.

The page has attracted 82 likes but has also drawn harsh criticism from social media users who oppose the agenda.


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