Shocking photo appears to show Aussie soldiers drinking out of dead man's prosthetic leg

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A photo has emerged of what is reported to be an Australian soldier drinking beer from the prosthetic leg of a dead Taliban soldier in Afghanistan.

The photo, which was obtained by The Guardian, purportedly shows the soldier at the Fat Lady’s Arms, a bar set up in Australia’s military base in Tarin Kowt, the capital of Uruzgan province, in 2009.

The publication reported another photo shows soldiers dancing with the leg and it is believed the prosthesis belonged to a Taliban soldier killed in Uruzgan in April 2009.

An unnamed soldier told The Guardian it was “occasionally” drunk out of and kept at the bar.

The photo emerged just weeks after a report accused Australian soldiers of murdering dozens of people in Afghanistan and treating prisoners with cruelty.

Unauthorised pub ‘somewhere to do stuff’ and ‘not get caught’

The Fat Lady’s Arms is also mentioned in the report with an unnamed soldier calling it “somewhere there where we can do certain stuff but we’re not going to get caught, and it’s not going to be regarded as misconduct because that’s who we are and that’s what we do”.

The report claims the pub wasn’t authorised.

The allegations have also led to further tensions between Australia and China.

A fake photo depicts an Australian soldier appearing to slit the throat of an Afghan child.
The fake image depicts an Australian soldier slitting the throat of a child. Source: Zhao Lijian/Twitter

China’s foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian shared a manufactured image of an Australian soldier on Twitter appearing to slit the throat of an Afghan child.

It drew the ire of Prime Minister Scott Morrison who is now demanding China apologises.

Artist Wuheqilin, who created the image, said the PM had “to face reality and put his efforts towards domestic affairs”. On Tuesday night Wuheqilin released another image, this time targeting Mr Morrison.

The ADF has been contacted for comment.

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