Skydivers killed in horrific mid-air collision

WARNING – DISTRESSING FOOTAGE: Two professional skydivers have fallen to their deaths after smashing into each other head-on in a horrific mid-air collision.

Rushan Sibgatullin, 34, and Oleg Schelkanov, 48 were two of seven skydivers that leapt from the light aircraft in the Tarastan region of Russia.

But moments after they began their freefall, the pair came hurtling towards each other, with the sheer impact forcing them to both lose consciousness moments after one of the men had opened his parachute.

Footage captured from another skydiver’s helmet camera shows the experienced pair spiraling out of control towards the ground at great speed.

Harrowing footage shows the experienced pair coming together mid-air before they plummet back into the ground. Source: East2West News

One of the skydivers died on impact, while the other was rushed to hospital but passed away several hours later.

The pair had each completed more than 600 jumps.

The Russian Investigative Committee said they would be launching an investigation into the accident.