Shocking moment furious truckie drives into climate activists

Climate activists have wreaked havoc in Germany this week, with one truck driver taking matters into his own hands.

A furious truckie has lost his job after he was filmed driving into climate activists who were protesting on a major road.

Six protesters had positioned themselves in the path of traffic in Germany's Stralsund on Wednesday, bringing the man's truck to a halt.

Video, which has circulated widely on social media, shows the truck driver exiting his vehicle before dragging one protester onto the footpath. He then shoves another to the ground before raising a fist at him. The 41-year-old returns to his vehicle as the first protester sits back down.

The truckie proceeded to drive into the protesters before slamming on the brakes. Source: Philipp Schulz/ Ostsee Zeitung
The truckie proceeded to drive into the protesters before slamming on the brakes. Source: Philipp Schulz/ Ostsee Zeitung

The truck driver then drives into the two men, shoving one a few metres along the concrete, nearly running him over before braking.

Following the dramatic incident, the driver later handed himself in to authorities and police confiscated the driver's licence, German media reports. A court is to decide whether his licence will be revoked indefinitely.

The truck driver's employer, industrial gas supplier Air Liquide, told Deutsche Presse-Agentur his actions are "unacceptable" and have instructed management he should "no longer drive for us", according to German outlet Focus.

Police said no one was injured during the incident. The truck driver is being investigated for assault while the protesters are being investigated for violating the assembly law and suspected coercion in road traffic.

Protesters glue themselves to airport runways

It came a day before climate activists staged an airport protest by gluing themselves to runways at several major German airports, leading to the cancellation of dozens of flights, The Telegraph reported.

“We cannot watch any longer as our earth burns and the government continues to throw oil on the fire every day,” a 21-year-old protester said in a video while glued to a runway.

Climate activists have been staging similar protests in Australia for several years now, with state governments introducing harsher punishments for those causing major disruption.

Groups such as Extinction Rebellion, Fireproof Australia and Blockade Australia have been responsible for several high-profile stunts in protest against Australia's use and sale of fossil fuels.

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