Shocking letter delivered to family of boy with autism

A mother has told of her heartbreak and disbelief after an anonymous letter which targeted her autistic 13-year-old son, calling him a ‘wild animal kid’ and telling his mother to ‘do the right thing and move or euthanize him’.

The note, signed simply as ‘one pissed off mother’ was sent to Max’s grandmother in Ontario, Canada, who looks after the teenager during summer days.

It was originally posted on Twitter by singing duo Lennon and Maisy, who are believed to be family friends. It has since been reported by mainstream media in the United States and Canada and gone viral.

Max’s mother, Karla Begley, broke down in tears while reading sections of the letter in an interview with Toronto-based CityNews, particularly the section where it suggested she should ‘euthanize her son’.

"The more you go the worse it gets,” said Mrs Begley. “It ends with ‘having him euthanized’, who says that about a child?”

Brenda Millson, Max’s grandmother, added: “I was shaking when I was reading it. It’s awful words. You don’t know why someone would do such a thing.”

Max was diagnosed with severe autism at the age of two and outrage over the letter has seen the local community band together.

Ontario police are investigating the letter and a spokesperson told Yahoo! Canada: “We are certainly taking it seriously.

“We are consulting with the Crown to see if there is any criminality that went on with the letter.”

WARNING: Letter contains phrases and words which may offend.