Shocking footage shows football fans fighting on streets of Harrow before FA Cup final clash

The alleged brawl in Harrow (@UB1UB2 / Twitter)
The alleged brawl in Harrow (@UB1UB2 / Twitter)

Shocking footage shows an alleged brawl between Manchester United and Manchester City supporters in north London ahead of Saturday’s FA Cup Final.

The scenes appeared to show a fight in Harrow’s Station Road shortly before noon on Saturday.

In the clip, a man could be seen on the ground while others piled on top of him as men square off against each other.

Several of those in the alleged fight could be seen wearing football shirts. The incident took place on a busy Harrow high street, outside a branch of Barclay’s Bank, and also appeared to hold up traffic.

Chants of “United, United” can be heard in the background during the scrap.

A Met Police spokesperson confirmed police were investigating, saying: “Police were called at approximately 11:50hrs on Saturday, 25 May to reports of a fight in Station Road, Harrow.

“Officers attended but those involved had left the scene. No reports of any serious injuries.

“Enquiries into the circumstances are ongoing.”

Manchester United won the highly-anticipated game at Wembley, with a 2-1 victory over rivals Manchester City on Saturday.