Shock moment car smashes into teens

Teen boys hit by car on Perth footpath
The two teenage boys miraculously escaped injury after a car mounted the curb on a Perth footpath. Picture: 9News

CCTV footage captured the horrific moment two teenagers were hit by a car that had mounted the kerb and swerved onto the footpath.

The confronting footage shows two 16-year-old boys walking along James Street in Northbridge, in inner-city Perth, when they were hit by a silver Volkswagen Jetta on Tuesday afternoon.

One boy appears to go over the car’s windscreen and lands on the footpath, while the teenager is thrown to the left of the footpath, and narrowly escapes being crushed between the car and the building.

Miraculously, both boys get up after the collision, and appear not to be seriously injured.

Teens hit by car on perth footpath
CCTV footage has captured the moment two boys were hit by a silver Volkswagen Jetta. Picture: 9News
Teens hit by car on perth footpath
The teens narrowly missed getting crushed by the car. Picture: 9News
Teens hit by car on perth footpath
Miraculously, both boys only received minor injuries. Picture: 9News

Police and St Johns Ambulance crews were called to the scene at about 12.55pm Tuesday.

Both teenage boys were taken to a Perth hospital with minor injuries.

The driver, a 39-year-old male, was also taken to hospital, however a WA Police spokesperson said he was not injured in the incident.

A woman who witnessed the crash said she was amazed the boys weren’t seriously injured.

“It was just so awful … and I’m so glad they (the boys) are ok because it was really dramatic,” she said.