Sheryl Lee Ralph Is Sheltering From Hurricane Beryl In Jamaica After Traveling For Her Son's Wedding

A Category 4 hurricane is passing through the Caribbean, leaving many in Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and parts of Mexico to take safety precautions.

Large waves crash onto a rocky shore with houses in the background, indicating a stormy sea with rough weather conditions
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This includes Abbott Elementary star, Sheryl Lee Ralph.

Sheryl Lee Ralph smiles on the red carpet in a fitted sleeveless dress, accessorized with gold jewelry
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In a series of Twitter posts beginning Tuesday, the actor revealed she's in Jamaica for her son Etienne Maurice's wedding this weekend.

Sheryl Lee Ralph in a long-sleeved lace dress and her son Etienne Maurice in a light suit smile together on the red carpet at an event
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Among her posts was a Tuesday night video in which she noted that it's "very calm here in Jamaica."

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"The sky is so beautifully clear, and they said that the sea looked like glass today," she said, encouraging individuals in Jamaica to "please stay inside."

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"To everybody that's here on the island, we remember that [Hurricane] Gilbert was a 3 and Beryl is a 4. Wow. God bless you, [and] good night. Power up," she said.

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Hurricane Gilbert occurred in September of 1988 and made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane in Jamaica. It later peaked as a Category 5. "Hurricane Gilbert was the first category five hurricane to strike land in the Atlantic Basin since Hurricane Camille in 1969, and the strongest hurricane to strike Mexico in modern history," the National Weather Service reports.

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In a tweet on Wednesday, Sheryl praised the new Netflix superhero series Supacell, which she'd watched the night before. She connected the series' message to the prospect of her son's wedding continuing as planned.

Sheryl Lee Ralph stands on a step-and-repeat backdrop at an event, wearing a long, elegant, off-the-shoulder white dress
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"@netflix #Supacell is outstanding!!! I just love the idea of supernatural skills that could be used to help the world like veer the eye of Hurricane Beryl to the south of Kingston so my son's wedding goes on without a hitch this weekend," she wrote.

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On Wednesday, Sheryl also posted a second video. "Hurricane Beryl is hitting Kingston now! And we pray!" she captioned the post.

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"We are praying for safety for everybody. Stay off the roads [and] stay inside," she said in the video before showing the wind and rainfall.

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According to the National Hurricane Center, the eye of the storm is expected to approach the Cayman Islands Wednesday evening into Thursday. You can stay updated on Hurricane Beryl here.