'She cares about everything deeply': Laura Dern praises 'incredible' friend Taylor Swift

Laura Dern is proud to be friends with Taylor Swift credit:Bang Showbiz
Laura Dern is proud to be friends with Taylor Swift credit:Bang Showbiz

Laura Dern thinks it is "incredible" to be friends with Taylor Swift.

The 56-year-old actress is proud to count the 'Anti-Hero' hitmaker among her pals and loves the way the 34-year-old singer cares so "deeply" about things.

Asked something about Taylor that fans may not have experienced, Laura told People magazine: "She cares about everything deeply, and I think people who love her know that.

“They know that in her writing and they know that in her heart and her activism — but it's been incredible to know that as a friend too.”

The 'Jurassic Park' actress - who appeared in Taylor's 'Bejeweled' music video in 2022 - also hailed actor Ted Danson as a "huge inspiration" when it comes to her work with the environment.

Speaking at the Environmental Media Association Awards, she said of her inspirations: "My mom early on as a kid and her amazing friends, some of whom are here tonight that I was privileged to learn from at a young age.

"And the amazing Ted Danson, who's been such a huge inspiration with his work at Oceana. So many people [who] really have guided me and taught me so much."

Laura previously hailed Taylor a "superpower".

She gushed: “It's one of my deep friendships and I love and admire her so much.

“To find a friend amidst the creative, and she's a superpower... She's incredible. So that's been really fun.”

In the 'Bejewled' video, Laura played Taylor's villainous stepmother in what the singer described as a "twist on a Cinderella story" and the 'Big Little Lies actress previously admitted she jumped at the chance to appear when she was told she'd get to call the 'Blank Space' hitmaker a "tired, tacky wench".

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Even better is when she’s speaking to you on the phone, asking you if there’s any way you could possibly be willing to say these words to her.

"Preceding the script, we were just talking on the phone about ideas, she’s like, ‘What if you called me …' I’m like, I’m in, definitely doing this.

"I am honoured to be part of it. And so excited for this amazing moment of triumphant success for her."