PICTURED: Shaved husky has people concerned for its welfare

A photo of a shaved husky was posted to Twitter this week with users of the social media site pointing out the dangers of shaving the dog's coat.

"If you've never seen a husky with absolutely no body hair then here you go. Enjoy," was written in a post by Omona Kami.

Husky dogs are working dogs that originated in Russia and have two coats of fur.

The photo has caused controversy online. Source: Twitter / Omona Kami

The bizarre photo has since gone viral, amassing over 73,000 likes and 23,000 retweets.

Many Twitter users vented their anger at the photo, explaining it's "really bad for the Husky".

"They have two layers of coating that helps maintain a healthy body temperature in cold AND hot weather," one user wrote.

"This permanently destroys their coat and causes it to no longer function how it should," someone else said.

However some users defended the photo, assuming it could have been for medical reasons.

"Sometimes there are medical reasons that a coat has to be shaved. Some dogs arrive at shelters covered in road tar. One never knows," one person wrote.

Another user posted the photo below of "reasons not to shave your Husky".