Shaun Ryder bans booze from his house

Shaun Ryder won't keep alcohol in his house credit:Bang Showbiz
Shaun Ryder won't keep alcohol in his house credit:Bang Showbiz

Shaun Ryder has banned booze from his house.

The 61-year-old Happy Mondays star was previously known for his wild partying which led to an addiction to heroin and he's now revealed he avoids temptation these days by ridding his fridge of alcohol - admitting he doesn't keep any booze in the house and will only have a drink if he's out.

He told the Guardian newspaper: "We don’t have alcohol in the house. Not even at Christmas. When I go out to work, I’ll still have a drink.

"I partied from the age of 13 onwards. It didn’t end until 2002, when I hit 40 and I thought it was about time I grew up. I got off the heroin and everything else and haven’t been there for 20 years."

Ryder went on to insist he has no plans to retire from the stage despite having a number of health conditions which have slowed him down.

He added: "Mentally, [I'm] absolutely not [feeling my age]. I’m 61. I’ve got one false hip, a chip in my spine and thyroidism, which is great ... Unless I drop dead, I’ll still be doing gigs at 80. But I won’t be moving like Jagger."

The singer added that he struggles to do much walking these days because of his painful hips, so he keeps fit by cycling. He went on: "I used to do a lot of walking, but I can’t now because of me hips ... I’m out on my bike as much as I can be, in the woods and trails around Salford."

As well as having trouble with his hips, Ryder previously suffered through a bout of ill health after coming down with a nasty case of COVID-19 which left him bedridden for months.

He told the Big Issue magazine: “After I had Covid-19 I could have a couple of days a week where I couldn’t get out of bed and had no energy.

"That went on for months but they are becoming more rare now. But for a good few months I struggled."