Sharks filmed in feeding frenzy off WA coast

Blake Johnson

Almost 40 sharks have enjoyed a three-day feast off WA’s north coast, after a whale carcass floated into shallow waters.

Drone vision, captured by father and son Grant and Sam Eastland at Cape Cuvier near Carnarvon, show the sharks almost beach themselves trying to get a piece of the carcass.

The shark feast off Carnarvon. Source: 7News
Father and son Grant and Sam. Source: 7News

“Different pieces would break off and float out into the ocean, and that’s where the drone footage would show bigger sharks and more sharks,” Grant said.

The duo took the drone, which was a Christmas present for Sam, to the beach on each of the three days to capture the event.

By day four, the sharks had enough and didn’t return.

The shark feeding frenzy off Carnarvon. Source: 7News

“Most of them (were) tiger sharks, but lots of other species as well, and they were pretty keen to feed,” Grant said.

Grant and Sam had travelled 1000 kilometres north of Perth for a fishing trip when they came across the all-you-can-eat shark buffet.

Sam tried to touch one of the sharks which came close to shore. Source: 7News

For Sam, the lure of touching a shark proved too much as he ran into the water during the frenzy.

“I wanted to see if I could grab it,” he said. “But I got a bit too wet.”

Grant said the experience had made him reassess his stance in the shark culling debate.

“(It) makes you realise what amazing creatures they are, and I guess culling and stuff like that, makes you a bit more against it,” he said.

The shark feeding frenzy off Carnarvon. Source: 7News