Shark 'has a few chomps' on intruding crocodile in 'peak Aussie' video

Jessie was fishing with some friends when a small saltwater crocodile decided to join the fun.

A professional angler has captured “epic footage” of a shark “having a few chomps” on a crocodile after it swam up to her boat off the coast of Australia.

Jessie Leigha was casting a line with a group of other keen fishers near Wessel Island, in the Northern Territory, when the small saltwater crocodile suddenly emerged. “We’ve got a little friend,” she can be heard saying behind the camera before the croc takes a swipe at a rope connecting their boat to another.

The saltwater crocodile in the shark-infested water before the attack. Right the croc during the battle with the shark.
A shark and crocodile went head-to-head this weekend in waters off Australia's Northern Territory. Source: Jessie Leigha/Instagram

“Oi! Don’t eat the rope!” a man can be heard yelling in the background, adding “it was a turtle last week, crocodile this week”. Just as someone else urges the crocodile to “f**k off”, a battle between the “unfriendly nighttime guests” erupts when one of the numerous sharks seen circling in the water attacks the intruder.

The witnesses can be heard gasping in shock as Jessie exclaims the shark got “a few” bites in.

Crocodile vs shark video goes viral

The clip has quickly gained attention after Jessie posted it on her Instagram on Sunday morning, with several viewers describing it as “the most Aussie video” they had ever seen. “The sharks had a few chomps on Mr. Snappy,” she said in the caption.

“That shark tried to take that crocs arm off!” one person commented, while another labelled the moment “peak Australia.” “That’s so Aussie telling a croc to f**k off,” a third person laughed. “In Australia this is your standard children’s swimming pool I think,” someone else joked.

“Where in the nightmare puddle is this?” a horrified viewer questioned, as others pondered who would ultimately win a battle between a shark and a crocodile. “Definitely the crocodile,” one man theorised.

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