Chilling twist after boy starts 'screaming with joy' on family trip

A teenager swimming with his father and sister at a beach has escaped a shark attack with non-life threatening injuries.

Nick Arthur, 16, swimming at Cape Hatteras in North Carolina on June 18, when he felt something latch on to his thigh, his father, Tim, heard his son scream and rushed to help him, according to Fox News.

Nick later told Fox 8 the pressure of the shark’s jaws was “so intense”, which lead him to believe it was some sort of animal.

It wasn’t until Nick tried lifting his leg out of the water he realised it was a five-foot-long shark attached to his leg.

“At first I thought he was screaming out of joy, and then I looked at him and saw the shark," Mr Arthur told CNN, Nick’s sister swam to shore.

Nick Arthur was swimming with his family in North Carolina, when a shark latched on to his leg. Source: Fox 8

Mr Arthur began hitting the shark to no avail, it wasn’t until he hit the shark on the nose it let go of Nick, Fox 8 reported.

While Nick didn’t suffer any life-threatening injuries, he did count 40 bite marks and required stitches and was released from hospital that night.

Although Nick is sore, CNN reported the injuries were not going to cause any permanent damage and the incident has not put the family off going to the beach, although int he future they won’t swim out as far.

Now, Nick is urging others to be aware of sharks while in the water.

“Even though it’s a small possibility, it’s still a possibility,” Nick told Fox 8.

“No one thinks it’s going to happen to them, until it happens to them.”

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