Sharing South Australia with high tech images

Sharing South Australia with high tech images

Home grown technology is transporting travellers to the far corners of South Australia through virtual 360 degree tours.

High tech boffins with skills gained in the defence industry have turned their computer and photographic talents to showcasing the very best of the state.

“There’s a fish-eye lens so it takes a 360 photograph and then it’s all computerised from then on,” Chas Adlard said.

Together with Stephen White, he marries an array of images to create depth of field in the images.

Using the oculus rift headset, the technology represents a potential revolution in tourism.

Creek beds, bush sunsets and high energy beaches are just a mouse click away thanks to the technology dubbed ‘geoinformatics’.

“Ten years ago Georama came on making a georama of Adelaide, 360 degree interactive photos, very high resolution,” Mr Adlard said.

Now they are pushing the frontiers of local tourism.

“They can actually stop, have a look and say ‘I wouldn’t mind getting there’,” he said.

Georama is hoping to roll headsets out at visitor information centres around the state.

You can have a look at some of the amazing images on the Georama website.