Shaolin monk absorbs brutal punches without flinching

A fearless Shaolin monk has absorbed a brutal barrage of punches in a MMA clash without so much as a flinch.

Yi Long squared up against proven MMA fighter Brad Riddell but this was no ordinary fight.

After trading blows in the opening minute, the monk dropped his hands, stands upright and lets the New Zealander deliver a series of sickening strikes.

Fans can be heard gasping, awaiting Long to fall but even after seven direct hits, the Chinese brawler barely bats an eye.

The self proclaimed Shaolin monk took an almighty beating without so much as a flinch.
The unorthodox technique might be unorthodox for a reason.

In a flash, he jumps back on the offensive and strikes Riddell with a flying knee to the body.

It was too little too late though, with officials declaring Riddell by a unanimous decision.

The incredible display unfolded three years ago but clear vision of the savage fight has only just now gone viral.

Many likened the fight to that of Homer Simpson’s brief stint in the boxing ring who endures lengthy beatings until his opponent is exhausted.

His technique was likened to that of Homer Simpson's. Source: Twitter