Sex And Coronavirus: What To Know About Intimacy During The Pandemic

Kelsey Borresen

The novel coronavirus has brought up questions about how to safely go about day-to-day activities — everything from grocery shopping to exercising to breastfeeding and, of course, having sex. 

Below, doctors answer some of your burning sex-related queries.

Can the virus spread through sex?

The virus is thought to be primarily transmitted via respiratory droplets in saliva or mucus that are emitted when an infected person coughs or sneezes. It can also live on personal items the infected individual has come in contact with like clothing or bedding, or surfaces like countertops, doorknobs and faucet handles. 


So the virus can spread during sex because of the close physical contact (kissing, cuddling, heavy breathing) involved. And you’d be hard-pressed to do the deed while abiding by the 6-foot social distancing recommendation.  

While we don’t have a lot of data about this novel coronavirus, there’s currently no indication that the virus is present in sexual fluids like semen or vaginal secretions. Nor have other coronaviruses been known to spread via these...

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