Seth Meyers says Trump couldn’t even get April Fools’ Day prank right: ‘Why can’t you do anything normal’

Late Night host Seth Meyers ridiculed Donald Trump’s campaign after they opened with the line “just kidding” rather than “April Fools” in a 1 April prank email to their supporters.

The Trump campaign circulated a joke email to his subscribers on April Fools’ Day with the subject line “I’m suspending my campaign…”, which most likely gave his critics and supporters alike a momentary shock.

However, the statement was purely a bit of old-fashioned clickbait as when the email body was opened people were met with a big “JUST KIDDING”.

“Just kid-I think you mean April Fools,” Meyers reacted, “Why can’t you do anything normal?

“I’m suspending my campaign. Faked you out on this, the opening day of the month after March,” Meyers said, mimicking the former president.

However, the email did go on to state, before appealing for funds from his supporters, “Happy April Fool’s Day! I will never stop fighting for the American people. I will never surrender!”

While the Trump campaign was having fun with April Fools gags on Monday, on the same day, New York Judge Juan Merchan, who is overseeing Donald Trump’s hush money trial, warned on Monday that Mr Trump could lose access to jurors’ names if he did anything to harm the integrity of the jury.

The judge said in the Monday order, according to The Washington Post, that the former president has been “hereby put on notice that he will forfeit any statutory right he may have to access juror names if he engages in any conduct that threatens the safety and integrity of the jury or the jury selection process.”

“Why does he have access to jurors’ names?” Meyers asked. “That’s like giving Cruella de Vil the address of the local animal shelter.”

The judge agreed to tighten the gag order after “vitriolic” attacks on the judge’s family and said that Mr Trump’s statements represented a “very real” threat to the integrity of the trial.

The judge’s daughter is Loren Merchan, who has worked for various Democratic political campaigns such as Kamala Harris’s 2020 presidential run.

Seth Meyers reacted to the new gag order that warned Trump of losing jurors’ identities (Late Night with Seth Meyers)
Seth Meyers reacted to the new gag order that warned Trump of losing jurors’ identities (Late Night with Seth Meyers)

On Sunday, in a now-deleted post on his social network Truth Social, Mr Trump allegedly posted photos of Ms Merchan, claiming that Judge Merchan was “highly conflicted” and “should be immediately sanctioned and recused”.

The new gag order now bars Mr Trump from making any public statements about the family members of any court staff if such statements could reasonably be expected to interfere with the case.

Aside from this, it turns out Mr Trump is not the only one firing off emails, as his son, Donald Trump Jr, reportedly sent out a note last week in an email saying that Letitia James, attorney general for New York, is trying to seize Trump Tower, what he describes as his “boyhood home”, Newsweek reports.

This particularly tickled Meyers, who was bewildered that such an extravagant building could be what he would label as his childhood abode.

“Boyhood home?” Meyers questioned. “It’s not a shack on the banks of the Mississippi. It’s weird to call something your boyhood home when it has a restaurant in the lobby.”