Serial prankster admits to Kate's party hoax

The serial online prankster David Thorne is at it again, this time creating the party of the century on social networking site, Facebook.

Thorne, known for his hilarious attempt to pay a bill with a spider drawing, has created a new viral phenomenon with his hoax Facebook event, Kate’s Party.

The event, which appeared to be a birthday party on May 1st for Adelaide woman Kate Miller, attracted 60,000 attendees after Thorne posted the link on his Twitter page, 27b/6. A day later there were a further 180,000 people who had been invited waiting to be confirmed.

The event was to take place at Miller's apartment and had, seemingly, been accidentally left open to public viewing instead of set to private.

Thorne, pretending he had stumbled across the event, sent a link to his thousands of Twitter followers urging them to "hit attending & give the host an aneurysm".

From here the details of the party spread across the globe, with many believing Kate Miller was a genuine person, until Facebook administration closed the group down due to security concerns.

However the demise of the original event only spurred on its fans, who have now created hundreds of related pages in reference to Kate’s Party, such as "Which turban should I wear to Kate's", "I hope there's more than one toilet in Kate's apartment", "Flight QF785 to Kate’s Party", "Who the hell is Kate" and "That awkward moment when someone wasn't actually invited to Kate's party.".

Thorne reportedly said he created the hoax to show how quickly events could go viral through sites like Facebook and Twitter, and the need for extra caution with privacy settings.

As Kate-styled street parties pop up in every capital across the country this weekend, it is hoped the attendees have learnt this lesson the easy way.