Senator’s surprising Today show appearance

Sentor Matt Canavan bandaged. Picture Today.JPG
Senator Matt Canavan appeared on morning TV with a black eye. Picture: Today

Nationals senator Matt Canavan has shocked viewers of a morning TV show by showing up for a live interview with a bandage over his eye.

It took no time for Today co-host Karl Stefanovic to question the welfare of the politician as he appeared for his regular Wednesday morning slot on the breakfast show.

“Mattie. Just first up, are you okay,” he asked.

The Queensland senator was bruised around his left eye, and a thick white bandage was covering his eyelid.

“Yeah, mate. I’m all right. I mean, it’s pretty tough defending the coal industry down here in the ACT,” Senator Canavan joked.

Sentor Matt Canavan bandaged. Picture Today.JPG
Senator Matt Canavan appeared on Today with a bruised eye. Picture: Today

“Who knew it was so unpopular.”

The panellists burst into laughter, as independent MP Monique Ryan shook her head in mock disapproval.

“No, it’s nothing like that. No, people here are lovely,” Senator Canavan said.

He explained that the injury was obtained while playing a game of footy at Parliament House on Tuesday morning.

“I just had a bit of a head clash at the footy field yesterday morning here at Parliament House.”

“It is a blood sport politics, so anyway I’ll be right.”

The senator was then asked for this thoughts on Labor introducing new immigration legislation to make it easier to deport or detain non-citizens.

“We’ve always been willing to cooperate with the government to secure our borders,” Senator Canavan said.

“We’re just a little bit unsure why this has been rushed in this way. I mean, these issues have been building now for months.”

He suggested the federal government had “hidden” the legislation from the Australian people and was trying to “rush it through” in a day of Parliament.

“Look, I’m willing to support and consider these changes, but I just think this is not the right process,” Senator Canavan said.