Search intensifies for NSW man, 22, missing since New Year's Eve

Queensland police are trying to trace the final movements of a man who has been missing for two weeks.

Jayden Penno-Tompsett had been travelling from Newcastle to Cairns for a New Year's Eve party when he got into fight with a friend at a service station and apparently stormed off into bushland.

The 22-year-old was reported missing to police on January 3.

Jayden Penno-Tompsett has been missing since New Year's Eve. Source: 7 News
He was last seen in a service station. Source: 7 News

"The witness in this matter has been very cooperative with police," Inspector Roger Whyte said.

Police want the public to help track where he went and his car.

He was reported missing to police on January 3 and hasn't made contact with family since his disappearance.

Police are asking the public to keep an eye out for Jayden or his car. Source: 7 News

Mr Penno-Tompsett's father, Brendan Tompsett, said last week he had last spoken to his son before Christmas and that it was unusual for him not to have reached out to friends or family.

"Just let somebody know you're okay, mate, we love you," he said.

"This whole missing person's thing is the scariest thing. If somebody knows you're okay, well you're no longer a missing person."

The search has intensified. Source: 7 News

He has not been heard from or accessed his bank account since his disappearance, his father said.

Mr Penno-Tompsett is described as Caucasian in appearance, 175cm tall and with mousy-brown hair.

He was last seen wearing a black singlet, navy blue board shorts, and black and red thongs.